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Steady Now, Old Girl

Some days, I miss St. Louis. It’s usually when I get a craving for a sandwich or a bar that sells a bucket of ice-cold longnecks for $10 at happy hour. Other times, though, like when my friends back home … Continue reading

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Ain’t One

So Solange went crazy on Jay-Z in an elevator after an event where people with a ton of money and power had access to a ton of intoxicating substances and the Internet has gone apeshit. The Atlantic gives a weirdly … Continue reading

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Zipper Up, Phone Away

In three days, Graham and I will have been together for seven years. Apologies to my high school sweetheart friends, but this seems like an incredible amount of time to me, and I’m both amazed that the time has gone … Continue reading

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Black Dog

First off, I would like to apologize to anyone who found this entry by searching for information about fat samurai movies. I have no Forrest Whitaker for you and for that I am deeply sorry. I dreamed about a dog … Continue reading

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Depending on the day, I can spend a lot of time on hold. The hold music depends on the client. Some play the same canned Muzak track over and over again, some stick to Oldies, some subscribe to the worst … Continue reading

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