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What My Grandmother Can Tell You

I used to work for a corporation. A gigantic, obscenely rich, well-known multinational conglomerate, actually, and at said conglomerate, the employees wore jeans. Every day. The idea was that no one was ever really in any make-or-break-the-business meetings with anyone, … Continue reading

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Nope, Lazy Asshole Nonsense

When people hear that you’re from the Midwest, they tend to react in one of two ways: 1. They enthusiastically exclaim “ME TOO!” even though it turns out they’re from some teeny tiny town you’ve never heard of or they … Continue reading

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Graham went home this weekend to see his sister get married, and while I couldn’t take the vacation days at work, I did drive him to the airport at 6am on Saturday morning. Which wasn’t terrible, considering I was already … Continue reading

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