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Home Is Where It Isn’t Anymore

My father called a couple of weeks ago. It was in the evening and after a particularly hellacious day, so I was already ¾’s high and in no mood to coherently speak to my father or listen to him read … Continue reading

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Do Not Startle the Animals

My mom is coming to visit next weekend. I think partially because she wants to and partially because I recently threw half a tantrum over no one in my immediate family having any plans to visit Seattle for reasons involving … Continue reading

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The 2,000 Mile Obligation

The thing about moving 2,000 miles away from your hometown is this: you’re now 2,000 miles away from your hometown. That means that unless you were a military brat who didn’t really have a hometown, you’re 2,000 miles away from … Continue reading

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Examining Thanks

When I woke up this morning, some of my first thoughts were of that Thanksgiving tradition of acknowledging the things (or people, or situations, or whatever) for which we should give thanks. I ran down the quick list – I’m … Continue reading

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What St. Louis Means for People Who Have Suddenly Decided to Care

I’m still struggling to get used to my new schedule. While I don’t have trouble actually waking up, it is difficult to get home from work and feel like doing anything other than sleeping, which could explain why I’ve cooked … Continue reading

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It Never Hurts to Check Your Privilege

Although there were many things I didn’t like about my old job, one of the things I was pretty happy about was my schedule. After about a year of dragging my old bones out of bed before sunrise and feeling … Continue reading

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Mystery Fireworks Jesus

By posting this, I hope that, thanks to the magic of the Internet, the person responsible for last night’s fireworks display at the Ballard Community Center ball field will be to see the following message: THANK YOU, MYSTERY FIREWORKS JESUS! … Continue reading

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Steady Now, Old Girl

Some days, I miss St. Louis. It’s usually when I get a craving for a sandwich or a bar that sells a bucket of ice-cold longnecks for $10 at happy hour. Other times, though, like when my friends back home … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Rat City

I booked a flight home to St. Louis the other day. I hadn’t planned on visiting, but my sister mentioned that if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t see my nephew for an entire year. And because he’s already at the … Continue reading

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What My Grandmother Can Tell You

I used to work for a corporation. A gigantic, obscenely rich, well-known multinational conglomerate, actually, and at said conglomerate, the employees wore jeans. Every day. The idea was that no one was ever really in any make-or-break-the-business meetings with anyone, … Continue reading

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