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The Greatest Pop Song of All Time

I have a theory. Before I share this theory, I should disclose that I am neither a mathematician, a scientist, nor a musician. I don’t really understand statistics and only barely do I grasp the scientific method (I mean, I … Continue reading

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The 2013 Hipster Band Name List

Gather ‘round, o’ blog readers of all stripes, and by that I mean the regular, the occasional, the stalkers, and the random Google searchers. For it is that time of year when we take stock of our blessings and gird … Continue reading

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Part of the Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a band that everyone else in Seattle seems to adore but that I find annoying to the point of as fuck, and while I watched this band, I kept thinking of this thing … Continue reading

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The Death of Sound

On Thursday, I texted Mike and Courtney to see if either of them wanted to come over on Friday night and watch “Return to Oz” with me. Nothing big, not an event, I just had the disc from Netflix and … Continue reading

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God Bless Your Crooked Little Heart

Here’s a conversation I had with myself this morning: Me: More fog. Of course. Why wouldn’t there be more fog? Me: Why did you ever think you’d be able to see the sky at any point between now and next … Continue reading

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Depending on the day, I can spend a lot of time on hold. The hold music depends on the client. Some play the same canned Muzak track over and over again, some stick to Oldies, some subscribe to the worst … Continue reading

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Okay, the FIRST THING I want to say is that if you read my KDHX Kickstarter post and donated, then THANK YOU! They made their goal plus a little over $8K, and I’m so excited that the project worked and … Continue reading

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Late But Not Too Late

“Hey, um, I know you’re busy and you work really hard and everything you earn should go back into your own pocket because you totally deserve it, but, um, just for a second, could you please maybe give some of … Continue reading

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