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The Last Time I Get to Write About Moving

I can hear you all clapping, by the way. As I mentioned the other day, we’re all moved into our new place. The furniture has been assembled, all of the boxes have been unpacked, and the only thing left to … Continue reading

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The Betterest

For reasons I can’t explain (partially because I am not a programmer or scam artist?), I receive an influx of SPAM comments whenever I don’t write for several days in a row. This means that even though I’m not writing, … Continue reading

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What the Demon in Your Childhood Home Says About You

When I was a kid, we moved from the house I’d been born in (except nobody is actually born in homes anymore, but you know what I mean…from the time I was about three days old until many years later, … Continue reading

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Not Dead, But Not Completely Alive, Either

My Saturday morning routine involves a pot of coffee, lots of Internetery, and waiting for Graham to wake up so I can start moving around the house and making noise. I’m currently waiting, which is difficult because all I want … Continue reading

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Because If Anyone Knows a Word for Misery it’s the Germans

All the things I want to write, and all I can think about is what to pack next. That’s the thing about moving, and about me in general. I tend to get very absorbed in projects, to the point where … Continue reading

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The Life We Packed

If you walked into my house right now, you’d notice a few things. Namely, the smell of cardboard, the sound of a tape gun, and the way The Cat’s face expresses supreme displeasure over having his house (his house!) upended … Continue reading

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At One Time I Knew Way Too Much About Astrology and Not Enough About Nabokov

There aren’t that many great things about not drinking very much anymore (it’s fine if you’re not drinking because of a problem with drinking, but if you’re like me and are simply trying to not be fat then not drinking … Continue reading

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Future Ballardeers

I’ve been logging my weight loss progress for almost a month and a half now, and already, I’m seeing progress. My clothes fit looser. My profile in the mirror isn’t as upsetting. In some photos, my jawline is more defined. … Continue reading

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The Brokest

Here’s something I really shouldn’t do: I shouldn’t check property listings in my neighborhood several months before my lease is up, because a) I get discouraged when I don’t find anything in my price range that isn’t a cheap crackerbox … Continue reading

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One Year in Oz

I’m pet-sitting for the Steitzeseses again, and this time the cat has remained inside the house. It’s a much less stressful experience when you’re not causing yourself gastrointestinal distress over potentially having to tell one of your best friends that … Continue reading

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