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The Fetishist

I’ve done it. I’ve spent almost a whole month eating right and exercising. I’ve reduced the number of calories I’ve consumed, I’ve burned off more calories than I’ve eaten, I’ve made valiant efforts at curbing sodium (even though everything including … Continue reading

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Boom, That’s Spaghetti

The thing about not spending money on alcohol or going out to places where other people spend money on alcohol is that eventually, you forget what it’s like, meaning you forget what it’s like to be surrounded by drunks who … Continue reading

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Sick Burn

Spring has sprung in Seattle, and although we all know that it’s a false spring and there’s at least another couple of weeks of dreary rain and fog lurking somewhere before June, it’s impossible to resist the chance to soak … Continue reading

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Thigh Champ

Although most reminders of my age are met with a resigned “goddammit,” there are times when I realize that I’m glad to be in my 30s, or really, when I’m glad I’m not young enough to be stupid by default … Continue reading

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Bits of Fit

Because I am nothing if not motivated by hard data and the dread of wasting money, I just purchased a Fitbit band and hope to receive it within the next 5-7 days. I’ve been toying with the idea of a … Continue reading

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