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The Time I Met Mystery Fireworks Jesus

Yeah yeah yeah, how was everyone’s Fourth, happy birthday America, blah blah blah YOU GUYS. You guys. I MET MYSTERY FIREWORKS JESUS! A bit of background for those reading on their phones who wish not to follow a hyperlink: Last … Continue reading

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Really, Really Bad

Today is Syttende Mai – the 17th of May, also known as Grunnlovsdagen (The Constitution Day) or Norwegian Constitution Day. I don’t live in Norway and none of my family comes from there, but I do live in Ballard and … Continue reading

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Uff Da

I’ve been wrestling with a cold this week. I started to type “head cold,” but then I realized that it was only a head cold for part of that time, and while the unbelievable amounts of snot still coming out … Continue reading

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Mystery Fireworks Jesus

By posting this, I hope that, thanks to the magic of the Internet, the person responsible for last night’s fireworks display at the Ballard Community Center ball field will be to see the following message: THANK YOU, MYSTERY FIREWORKS JESUS! … Continue reading

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The Eagle of Self-Evidence

This is a story about America: Last week, I got home from work not really knowing if I wanted to cook dinner. Also it had been kind of a shitty day and I’ve gone to sleep angry the night before … Continue reading

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The Last Time I Get to Write About Moving

I can hear you all clapping, by the way. As I mentioned the other day, we’re all moved into our new place. The furniture has been assembled, all of the boxes have been unpacked, and the only thing left to … Continue reading

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The Bro-ening of Fremont

Every time I worry about the comparative sleepiness of our new neighborhood in Ballard, I force myself to remember a few things: 1. While our place is located in a sleepy-ish area, we’re not that far away from the main … Continue reading

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To Love an Appliance

Now that our lease is signed and there’s a date on the move, I’ve begun gearing up for exactly how all of this works. I’ve already hired movers for the actual date, but everything that comes before that – from … Continue reading

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Future Ballardeers

I’ve been logging my weight loss progress for almost a month and a half now, and already, I’m seeing progress. My clothes fit looser. My profile in the mirror isn’t as upsetting. In some photos, my jawline is more defined. … Continue reading

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Future Assholes

Although our CSA is over, I still went to the market this morning. For one, I’ve been slacking on my 10,000 steps per day Fitbit goal. For two, I thought about buying conventional produce at the grocery store and realized … Continue reading

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