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13 Responses to Contact

  1. Jesse says:

    Your list of required reading just made me its bitch. I’ve been stumped as to what books to read lately, so I typed in some authors I have a fancy for, and up came your list. Needless to say, this list will keep me occupied for quite some time. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve made me proud.

  2. tin says:

    Another reason to dislike Kirk Cameron.

    • erineph says:

      Ugh, I saw that. How, exactly, does one misspeak an entire paragraph, and how should anyone be allowed to apologize for a) gross ignorance of biology, b) treating women like rapeable, impregnable government-owned vessels, and c) implying that if there is legitimate rape, then there must also be illegitimate rape, and therefore those of us who are raped must have been asking for it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know this is responding to an old art ice (the food allergy thing)However, while I can respect where you’re coming from that not eating crap will improve your health – There actually are some of us with dairy allergies that has taken years of stumbling through to figure out. For me, here’s the bottom line: I am special- because I fall within the 1% of adults with a true milk protein allergy which includes: nausea and vomiting,swelling, heart palpitations, week long migraines, severe muscle cramps, confusion, and trouble breathing. My doctor would love it if I carried an epi-pen. I read labels religiously and don’t worry, I rarely go to anyone’s house for dinner! I’ve actually gotten into arguments with family members over what they insist I eat while I’m at their house. Needless to say, I no longer go to their houses but my point here is that it is SO DIFFICULT to get people to understand that hidden and obvious dairy ingredients WILL SEND ME TO THE HOSPITAL. Please don’t disregard that dairy allergies exist.

    • erineph says:

      I assume that you’re referring to this post, in which I said the following:

      “Like, do you know how many people are truly lactose intolerant? Hardly any. I know you think you’re lactose intolerant because of that brutal constipation you had after eating half a wheel of Brie when you were drunk on New Year’s, but maybe it wasn’t the lactose. Maybe it was because you ate half a wheel of fucking cheese.

      I bolded a portion of the existing post for you so that, upon review, you’ll see that I don’t “disregard that daily allergies exist.” As I acknowledged, a very small portion of the population is affected by dietary allergies, just not as many who claim to be, which was the entire point.

  4. Christina says:

    I’m either REALLY slow this morning, or there isn’t an option for commenting on this post specifically, but your “You Food Allergies are Bullshit” entry made me clap, in my house, all alone, this morning. I think it’s so true. I’ve had people tell me they are allergic to the strangest things. Mushrooms, garlic, goat’s cheese. And I really want to say, “Really? Are you ALLERGIC and may actually die from eating that thing or do you simply not like it because you’re a picky brat?” And I can name you handful of people in my life who are now gluten free and are telling me it’s because they have an intolerance. Yes, maybe you got room-clearing gas the last time you ate that entire bag of pretzels, but you probably don’t have celiac disease. If you want to eat grain-free because you believe it’s healthier, it’s your choice, but I hate people making things into medial conditions that are not. End rant. And thanks again for no-nonsense writing.

    • erineph says:

      Thank you! Most people seem to have trouble understanding that their preference isn’t the same thing as a biological necessity, and even fewer are being clinically diagnosed with whatever bullshit they think they’ve got to feel special.

      And maybe the post shuts off comments after a time? I dunno.

      Also: nice boxed wine costume.

  5. Sofia says:

    Just read a few of your posts and I think you’re my new idol!

  6. mike says:

    Amen, I do not suffer fools well, especially fools with made up, ewww look at me, bullshit “allergies”. A proper diet would solve so many of their digestive issues. Then again how sad must their lives be if they have to fabricate illness for attention? Louis C.K. has great bit relating to this. “Maybe if touching a peanut will kill you… you’re supposed to be dead.”

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