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Tastes to Fit the Mood

Once I’ve gone to the market, put stuff away, showered, done the dishes, and messed around on the Internet for awhile, my favorite thing to do when I have Sundays to myself is sit on the couch in some fat … Continue reading

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I Tremble for My Country When I Reflect That God Is Just

Presented (mostly, aside from this part, some formatting, and the title) without comment, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s statement to President Obama after his sentencing: “The decisions that I made in 2010 were made out of a concern … Continue reading

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The following is something I’ve debated about saying for a long time now, and I haven’t it said previously because a) it’s embarrassing and b) why would you care? I finally decided to put it out here because for the … Continue reading

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You Are a Failure

On the Steubenville rape case, which is so hugely disgusting that I can’t even write in proper paragraphs anymore: You are a failure as a human being if you rape someone. You are a failure as a parent if your … Continue reading

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It’s Day 2 of the deluge that is the remnant of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Inconvenience Isaac. Apparently the rain is supposed to last for 3 days, but because of the shape of the storm, we get a downpour and then nothing, a … Continue reading

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At this time last year, I’d wake up to thunder and lightning in the middle of the night and feel my butthole clench because I knew the tornado sirens weren’t too far off; I’d think “god fucking dammit not again” … Continue reading

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This is BeeBee: BeeBee is a cat that hangs around our backyard. Well, that hanged around our backyard, because I haven’t seen him for a week and it’s odd for him not to show up at least once every couple … Continue reading

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The Death of Stickerbot

It should come as a surprise/relevant concern to no one that my laptop – aka Stickerbot 2000, aka Grandpa Murderhorn, aka The Machine That Has Died A Thousand Deaths – has finally kicked the bucket. I was Internetting this morning … Continue reading

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I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago. It was for a job closely related to my own department, so close that we work with the same programs, the same customers, and I’m familiar with all of their … Continue reading

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A Hole in the Avalon

I don’t know what the dollar show was like for you guys growing up, but for me, there were two theater choices in South St. Louis. One was the Kingsland, a massive brown-black building with crumbling balconies, moldy curtains, and … Continue reading

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