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After a week of shaky knees and pissed off shins, I’m finally able to run again today! I used to look at the treadmill with a resigned disdain, like something that had to be done because if I ignored it … Continue reading

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I have my yearly work review this week. We’re supposed to have reviews every month, but my boss never really has her shit together on a regular basis and so prefers to haul people into conference rooms when they do … Continue reading

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Fear the Jackassery

It’s not my job that’s the problem. The job itself is fine. It’s easy, even. If everyone with the same job contributes the same amount, the job is actually a pleasure. The problem is that most people don’t contribute, and … Continue reading

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Nerd Sick

Graham and I went to the mall yesterday so that Katie could tell me where to buy boots. I don’t ever go to the mall so I never know what’s there or how to find it, and she works at … Continue reading

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The Dumbass Majority

A psychic once told my mom that I would be married three times. She told my mom this while I was married the first (and only) time. When she called to tell me about it, I already knew that I … Continue reading

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Keep Your Ovaries Off of My Paycheck

I got my annual performance review yesterday. My score was good and right in line with where I thought it should be, but there was one area where my boss felt that I could improve. Specifically, I should be better … Continue reading

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When the local news starts predicting a winter storm in the most dire way possible – calling it “historical” and with “heavy destruction” sure to occur – and basically gives the public only one piece of advice, which is to … Continue reading

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Love You Like I’m Probably Incapable of Doing

While a few of my friends are certifiable “I love you” junkies, for me the phrase is something more personal.  I don’t go flinging it around because I don’t want it to lose meaning, and by that I’m not being … Continue reading

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That’s-A Vegan Meat-A-Ball

Last night, I made a vegan thing. It was a calculatedly vegan thing, in that I actually found it because it was vegan instead of, I don’t know, making something and then at the last minute realizing it’s vegan. It … Continue reading

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Sick Burn

Spring has sprung in Seattle, and although we all know that it’s a false spring and there’s at least another couple of weeks of dreary rain and fog lurking somewhere before June, it’s impossible to resist the chance to soak … Continue reading

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