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Yesterday, I wrote over on the food blog in a post titled “’Twas the Week Before Christmas” that because I work in e-commerce and have a slew of 12+ hour days ahead of me, if it’s not comfort food, it’s not getting fucking made this week.

This is a line I feel I have to draw in the sand – I simply have no time or patience for anything I don’t completely love, or for anything that doesn’t make me feel as though all is right with the world as long as that world includes me sitting on my couch in a pair of fat pants, clutching a bowl of something soothing and delicious. Almost everything needs to be ready relatively quickly, as well, because if the past few workdays have proven anything, it’s that I will stumble home sometime around 6:30 or 7:00 and barely have enough energy to keep my eyes open after 9pm. And when I not only have to feed myself but also deep-clean the house to prepare for the imminent arrival of Craig WHO IS MOVING TO SEATTLE AND WILL ARRIVE NEXT WEEKEND, I need all the time I can get before I pass out.

Craig will be staying with us for a few weeks until his paychecks are such that he can find a studio or roommate situation in Seattle. Which is completely okay with me. I honestly do think that Craig will be happy in Seattle, of course because Graham is here, but also because…I don’t know, why am I happy in Seattle? There’s something about the character of the city and the pace of life that satisfies me far more than St. Louis did, and just as Courtney knew that Graham and I in particular would fit in in Seattle, I know that there’s a quality in Craig that will, too.

I am a little nervous about living with someone else, though. This says nothing about Craig, who is perhaps the most unobtrusive person in the world, and yes, I do realize that he’s already got a job lined up and will be working at it immediately and therefore not at the house all of the time. But outside of Graham, I haven’t lived with anyone else for more than 10 years. And it took me nearly 5 years of dating Graham before I’d agree to move in with him. Basically:

Graham says that if I need alone time, I can just ask Craig to put some shoes and a coat on and go explore Ballard for awhile. And I’m sure this would be fine. I just don’t want to get shitty about anything, because as excited as I am for a) Craig to get here, b) our St. Louis-in-Seattle chapter to grow, and c) to be a part of doing something for my friend that I think will ultimately make him a happier person, I’m still looking at the dwindling number of days left by myself and getting a little antsy about them. And when I pack in things like working, cleaning, and cooking and sourcing what I need for Christmas Eve (which is shaping up to be a very non-Italian Feast of the Seven Four Fishes including potato latkes – that I have to make, fry, and freeze in advance – with crème fraiche, cured salmon and ikura roe, crab bread pudding, roasted shrimp with artichoke pesto and some smoked whitefish spread with dark bread assuming I can find a source for the whitefish, as well as some filler like deviled eggs, pickled vegetables and probably some cookies or something), I fear these last few days will fly by and I won’t have appreciated them enough.

And then everything from :40 will be me:

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