Naps and Prep

The other day, I posted on Instagram that since I have this week off before starting my new job, I was envisioning a week full of food prep and naps. Aside from a hike one day and a Guardians of the Galaxy matinee on another, I don’t have much else to do and didn’t have to plan meals around getting off work at 6pm and sitting in traffic until 7pm. Which might not seem like a terrible schedule (plus I actually enjoy prep work), but it really gets in the way of getting home and feeling like getting anything done.

Of course, I’ve already screwed it up. I don’t know if there’s something up with my thyroid or my blood sugar or what, but lately, I’ve been feeling extremely tired after eating pretty much anything. With the exception of some carrot sticks a couple of nights ago, it seems that every time I eat a meal or snack, I get either very dizzy (like the vertigo is back) or very sleepy (which is hard to distinguish from the vertigo, actually) and if I give myself the opportunity, I can fall asleep for a couple of hours. Yes, I’ll see a doctor. No, not until my new health insurance takes effect. Hell no, I am not looking this up on webMD.

But anyway, this is the edited menu for Week 4 of the CSA:

csa 2014 week 4

And although I was planning on making the salmon with the miso-garlic butter corn and brined carrot greens last night, I made the turkey-zucchini burgers at like 3pm and was still kind of out of it several hours later. I forced myself not to fall asleep, so mostly I just sat on the couch and watched season 1 of the X-Files until I realized that it was late and I still wasn’t hungry or motivated enough to make dinner.

So I made the chocolate-zucchini bread instead (it’s summer, we’ve got zucchini coming out of our ears) and decided that I’d just have a really fancy lunch the next day. Which is fine – like I said, I’ve got very little else to do – but I also learned that Graham has more days off than I thought, so now I have to switch even more things around to fit the menu around what will satisfy him on any given day and I am not great as disrupting plans. Even the ones I make for myself. Which I know are 100% changeable.

It is only Monday, I guess that I’m just a little bit on edge about next week. I have to do a dry run on the bus sometime this week to figure out exactly when I need to catch the bus I want to take. It’s either going to be the one 2 blocks away that drops me 6 blocks from where I’m going, or the one 6 blocks away that drops me 3 blocks from where I’m going. And there’s no way I’ve got the nerves to risk missing a transfer. Not in the morning. Not during my first week of employment.

I’ll have to walk either way, which is fine for now since a) the weather is nice and b) more activity means less fatassery. And speaking of less fatassery, I am doing great. Seriously. I know I could be doing more great if I actually went running or started doing crunches, but as it stands, I’m already down two sizes and all of the new clothes I bought for the job fit. They fit, which says something seeing as though I bought a few pieces from ModCloth, which in the past few years has moved from sizing accurately to sizing based on Vietnamese models (apparently, because how else does an XL not even fit over my boobs?).

By the time the weather gets shitty, I’ll be established-ish enough to mess with the route a bit and (hopefully) spend a minimum of time standing in the pissing rain. Of course, anyone is free to ask me how I’m loving the arrangement when it’s November and I’m looking at another six months of typical Seattle weather, but for now, when it’s glorious and warm and I’m actually seeing results of all of these veggies and all of this getting off my ass.

Although now I need another nap.

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2 Responses to Naps and Prep

  1. Courtney says:

    You are looking great, Erin, I keep meaning to tell you, but I don’t want my friends to think I care about what they look like, just that I’m glad if they’re feeling happy about what they’re doing. And just get a waterproof (not resistant, proof) jacket, if you’re walking you won’t want a coat after a block or two and they always crank the heat on the bus. You’ll be set for winter commuting.

    • erineph says:

      I was going to ask about about a raincoat or whatever it is I’m supposed to get. I bought a cheap one from Fred Meyer last year and it’s pretty gross.

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