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Because If Anyone Knows a Word for Misery it’s the Germans

All the things I want to write, and all I can think about is what to pack next. That’s the thing about moving, and about me in general. I tend to get very absorbed in projects, to the point where … Continue reading

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Like, Nathaniel P.?

My car is a Japanese-designed, 2007 model that for some fucking reason, has no USB or AUX input on the dash for my phone. So if I want to listen to something that’s not CDs or the radio, I either … Continue reading

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The Life We Packed

If you walked into my house right now, you’d notice a few things. Namely, the smell of cardboard, the sound of a tape gun, and the way The Cat’s face expresses supreme displeasure over having his house (his house!) upended … Continue reading

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What You Can Do

Welp, an allegedly mentally ill MRA groupie went and shot up a bunch of women last night because none of them would fuck him. I can’t post his manifesto video here because it makes me nauseous, but for a list … Continue reading

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Trigger Happy

Recently over on Tumblr, I received a message from someone who asked why I didn’t post trigger warnings on certain posts. It was sent anonymously, of course. They weren’t being fully shitty, but they weren’t really asking me, either. They … Continue reading

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The Attack of Garbage Mouth, Part 2

I realized that it’s been a few days since I last posted anything here, but I hadn’t noticed before because I CAN EAT SOLID FOOD AGAIN and that’s all I really care about. It’s not a big deal to some … Continue reading

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You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

I’ve got a dirty mouth. But not the way you think. Yes, I love swearing and do it pretty much all the time, with the exception of when I know I’m around children or the elderly. Some people would consider … Continue reading

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