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Hap(lotype)py Birthday To Me

In one week’s time (actually one week plus 2 hours and 55 minutes’ time), I will turn 32. Turning 32 isn’t my favorite thing in the world; just last night, I was thinking about all of the bars I’ve been … Continue reading

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There’s Love in This Food

The other day, Luke posted the below on Facebook: “I always thought the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was a dumb cliché. Then I caught myself smiling in my heart when I was heating … Continue reading

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Kid’s Gotta Be a Maniac

I started listening to the Two Book Minimum podcast the other day. I had lots of comedy podcasts on my feed but only one literary podcast, and Two Book Minimum is a combination of both. I’m not a comedian but … Continue reading

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I’d Shame the Kid But I Won’t

Part of the benefit of living far away from your family is that you’re not required to spend hours at anyone’s house for holidays, or stay longer than you want to after dinner, or even use your only vacation days … Continue reading

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The Fetishist

I’ve done it. I’ve spent almost a whole month eating right and exercising. I’ve reduced the number of calories I’ve consumed, I’ve burned off more calories than I’ve eaten, I’ve made valiant efforts at curbing sodium (even though everything including … Continue reading

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A Brisk Gait

The other day, I was walking from building to building at work when someone I don’t know fell into step behind me and exclaimed “that’s a brisk gait!” I’d normally appreciate this kind of weird vocabulary, but in this case, … Continue reading

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Adulthood: Engage

You don’t need to get married, buy a house, have a kid or know how to decipher your 401(k) in order to feel like an adult. Those things might help, and I suppose that everyone does have different criteria for … Continue reading

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The Separate Universe

When I first started at my job, one of my coworkers had a desk that was covered in clown figurines and true crime books. It wasn’t a strategy, either; she genuinely liked perchable, creepy-looking clowns and stories about gruesome murders … Continue reading

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But They Stick

I am not a quote person. It’s not that I don’t believe that there’s no wisdom in quotes or that they can’t be helpful or uplifting at times, it’s just that the majority of people who collect them do so … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Rat City

I booked a flight home to St. Louis the other day. I hadn’t planned on visiting, but my sister mentioned that if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t see my nephew for an entire year. And because he’s already at the … Continue reading

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