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Zipper Up, Phone Away

In three days, Graham and I will have been together for seven years. Apologies to my high school sweetheart friends, but this seems like an incredible amount of time to me, and I’m both amazed that the time has gone … Continue reading

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The Emerald City Turns White

It snowed yesterday in Seattle, and while I know that this is nothing new to the vast swath of the country affected by the polar vortex, it’s still a remarkable occurrence for this fair city, and people are behaving accordingly. … Continue reading

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The Brokest

Here’s something I really shouldn’t do: I shouldn’t check property listings in my neighborhood several months before my lease is up, because a) I get discouraged when I don’t find anything in my price range that isn’t a cheap crackerbox … Continue reading

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Ghost Cat

The first ghost I ever saw was a cat. Well, I should clarify. The first ghost I ever saw that I knew was a ghost was a cat. And I feel like I should clarify further, because I feel like … Continue reading

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Punching the Dumb

Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s still post-holiday despair, maybe it’s the fact that I never really committed to taking vitamin D this winter even though I knew better. It’s just that lately, every day I’m at work and for … Continue reading

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We Can Make a Dimpled Smile Out of a Frown

Now that Super Bowl Day has dawned, I thought this was a good time to exercise a little local pride. You may recall that I’m not a football fan and still get majorly creeped out by the fans who refer … Continue reading

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