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Things To Do When You’re Doing Nothing

It’s not a lot of fun when you’re conscientiously spending no money to do anything for the next four months. Not a lot of fun at all. First because you have to explain to people that you can’t have fun, … Continue reading

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A Big Twinkie

When I die, I don’t want ceremony. I don’t want the beating of breasts and grand gestures of grief. I don’t want people who barely knew me at all to make claims to deep connections with me, although I guess … Continue reading

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High Pressure Thump

Several years ago, I went to a health screening at work. It was a pretty comprehensive screening that involved taking my blood and testing it for what I was sure would prove to be a majorly unhealthy lifestyle (meaning I … Continue reading

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I’m Not Drunk

I can see why you think I’m drunk, what with the swaying and the unfocused eyes and the sometimes bumping into stationary objects like walls. I can see how me saying “whoooooa” a lot makes me seem intoxicated, as does … Continue reading

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Unpopular Opinions: The Slap Heard ‘Round the World

I’ve only been at my company for just over a year, so I’m in the unfortunate situation of having the least amount of vacation time possible for a salaried employee. Or maybe it just feels unfortunate because I work in … Continue reading

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The Joy Eaters

When Courtney and I first started receiving our CSA boxes, I admit that I wasted more food than I ate. I stored it improperly and it wilted in the fridge, or I didn’t know how to cook it properly and … Continue reading

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As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m not buying any more shit. I don’t mean ever, and I don’t mean that I’m starting some weird hippie project where I don’t purchase anything at all on principle. I’m just not … Continue reading

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Zipper Up, Phone Away

In three days, Graham and I will have been together for seven years. Apologies to my high school sweetheart friends, but this seems like an incredible amount of time to me, and I’m both amazed that the time has gone … Continue reading

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The Emerald City Turns White

It snowed yesterday in Seattle, and while I know that this is nothing new to the vast swath of the country affected by the polar vortex, it’s still a remarkable occurrence for this fair city, and people are behaving accordingly. … Continue reading

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The Brokest

Here’s something I really shouldn’t do: I shouldn’t check property listings in my neighborhood several months before my lease is up, because a) I get discouraged when I don’t find anything in my price range that isn’t a cheap crackerbox … Continue reading

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