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Her Bravado

As I mentioned the other day, I probably haven’t watched a music video all the way through in years. Many years. Maybe even not since something like 2003 or 2004 have I watched a music video in its entirety in … Continue reading

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12 Crazy Men

The Super Bowl is in less than a week, and ever since the Seahawks clinched a place in it, Seattle has lost its collective mind. Which I sort of understand. I played sports. I understand competition. I come from a … Continue reading

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The Worst Friend

Growing up, I didn’t have cable. My parents viewed cable as an unnecessary extravagance, and described their views in such a way that I was convinced that anyone who did grow up with cable was impossibly rich or recklessly poor. … Continue reading

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When Words Are Not Enough, When Words Are All You’ve Got

Yesterday was the first day that I felt like I was able to move without experiencing a significant amount of pain. I mean, I still felt the twinge and turning my head all the way to one side or the … Continue reading

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Yay Sports! Do the Thing With the Points!

If you’re like me and the thought of going to the grocery store on a weekend fills you with a dread you most closely associate with being called to the board to complete a long division problem in 3rd grade … Continue reading

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A Medicated Life

I finally saw a doctor about my back. I’d made the appointment earlier in the week but couldn’t get in until Thursday. I’d initially hoped that the problem would clear up by then and I could cancel, but when you … Continue reading

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Never Half-Ass Two Things

You know what’s true? You know what else is true? I haven’t watched Blackfish. I have no plans to watch Blackfish. I don’t want to see it because I know it will make me feel miserable for being an apex … Continue reading

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The Ol’ Rigamarole

I called into work today. Calling into work isn’t something I do very often; the first time I ever did it at any job, I was 16 and asked my parents if I should really be calling in sick if … Continue reading

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About the Code

It’s Day Three of wondering if I have a parasitic alien life form attached to my spine, and boy, do I feel like shit. It’s not just the pain or the stiffness or the restrictions on movement, it’s the lack … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Mate

I think I pinched a nerve in my shoulder the other day*. I remember when it happened. I was listening to the woman who sits next to me at work talk about having arthritis in her neck and thinking about … Continue reading

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