Five Day Radio Silence

…and it doesn’t get much better with this, this thing that’s basically a status update, but I promise it will start getting better tomorrow.

Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I do. I had mine done two weeks ago, and I can brag about that because not only did I never have to step foot inside an actual retailer with its lights, crowds, and rules about wearing clothes that are not pajamas, but I also didn’t get sucked into the big box retailer mess and because of that I’m not freaking out about the Target card data thing.

Which is not to say that I never go to Target or that I avoid it for reasons based on principle. That’s not the case, unless you consider principle to be that I just don’t feel like driving to Northgate or hauling my shit home on the bus from City Target (especially that one, since it means I’d have to catch the bus at the Macy’s stop that smells like bum pee). I also don’t shop online at Target because their Web site seems to be constructed purely of trackers, I think, and since Ghostery blocks them all for me, I can’t see about 70% of whatever it is on my screen whenever I go there.

But the point is that I remained unbothered by Target’s stores, site, or data piracy this year, as well as all other stores that might have triggered the same stress in me, and everything that needed to be shipped to St. Louis has been shipped (and received, according to my dad, who left me a 3-minute long voicemail last night about whether or not he should open the CHRISTMAS package with CHRISTMAS drawings on it before CHRISTMAS or on CHRISTMAS and could I call him because he can’t figure it out on his fucking own), and the only things I have left to buy are grocery and booze items for whatever I’m doing on Christmas Eve. I guess it’ll depend on what the meat vendors have at the market tomorrow. One of them had porchetta for Thanksgiving and I’m really hoping I can get my hands on one of those.

I’ll get the fancy stuff at the market tomorrow, and Postmates just e-mailed to say that there’s $5 deliveries between now and Christmas and you bet your ass I’ll pay for the convenience of a home delivery from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Tonight I’ll stock up on grocery store basics and wine, since my evening is free now that Courtney and I are going to the ballet this afternoon.


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