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Happy New Year

Update from last time: I didn’t cook. No time + no casserole dish = reheating enchiladas from earlier this week. Which I cooked. So it basically counts. I did write. I didn’t finish, but I wrote, and now I know … Continue reading

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New Shit

Last New Year’s Eve, I met Mike and went to Graham’s work. I like the bar there, Crossley works there, too, and if you date a dude who works in kitchens and somehow get the chance to kiss him at … Continue reading

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I mentioned the other day that Courtney gifted me with the first two Sandman books for Christmas. Aside from a couple of children’s books (like young children, e.g. “The Wolves in the Walls,” “The Day I Swapped My Dad for … Continue reading

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Part of the Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a band that everyone else in Seattle seems to adore but that I find annoying to the point of as fuck, and while I watched this band, I kept thinking of this thing … Continue reading

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Still Alive After All This Time

You guys, I drank all the champagne. I drank all the rosé. I drank all the apple cider toddies and I ate all the snacks, the pork, and the bread. I argued all the Scattergories. I’ve been thankful for all … Continue reading

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The Peltzer Pet Problem

Watch Gremlins, they said. It’s a great Christmas movie, they said. I’ve been wanting to watch it for so long and it’s always checked out at the video store, they said. By “they” I mean Crossley, various dudes I know … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

‘Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the house, several creatures were stirring, including two cats who probably wouldn’t know a mouse if they saw one, but one of those cats used to eat wasps on a regular basis … Continue reading

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My Stomach Hurts

I like to brag that I don’t spend a lot of time or money on Christmas because I don’t buy a lot of things for a lot of people. And while this is mostly true, I know the hidden cost … Continue reading

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Five Day Radio Silence

…and it doesn’t get much better with this, this thing that’s basically a status update, but I promise it will start getting better tomorrow. Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I do. I had mine done two weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Warm and Tender Love

There’s a feeling I get when I eat sushi that I can only describe as every molecule in my body reacting to the cleanest, purest protein it can consume. It’s as if the ends of all my neurons start firing … Continue reading

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