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I have some vacation days scheduled in November and December. I know that a lot of people like to say that they save their days as long as possible and end up blowing it all on a trip to Florida … Continue reading

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I’ve Come to Buzz Your Kill

Last night, I went to a Halloween party and had a brief discussion with someone who said she’d wanted to come to the party dressed as someone from another race. Specifically, she wanted to come dressed as a stereotype of … Continue reading

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Stay Spooky

Sooooo, I’ve been waking up with these weird wounds lately. Nothing traumatic, except perhaps it bothers me that I can’t figure out how I’m getting them when I was completely sober the night before and don’t remember anything that happened … Continue reading

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God Bless Your Crooked Little Heart

Here’s a conversation I had with myself this morning: Me: More fog. Of course. Why wouldn’t there be more fog? Me: Why did you ever think you’d be able to see the sky at any point between now and next … Continue reading

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Rachael Sacks is an Asshole (But Everyone Knows That)

To begin, I know, okay? I know that Thought Catalog is a piece of garbage, and I know that its purpose is to serve as an aggregator of sorts for all kinds of self-involved writer program assholes whose experiencing in … Continue reading

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Video Hell

Say what you will about Fremont (ahem, Mike 1 and Mike 2), but I really like my neighborhood. I like that I live a short walk away from grocery stores, parks, bars and restaurants, and the exact right bus stops. … Continue reading

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I sleep late on Sundays. I realize that to people like Graham, late is something like 3pm, and to people like Me From A Few Months Ago, late is 7:30am. These days, sleeping late for me means I roll out … Continue reading

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