Not enough sleep + Monday + general achy-painy shittiness + terminal malaise = all I wanted to do that night was get home from work and go the fuck to bed. And I was planning on it, until I remembered that I wrote this week’s CSA menu already, dammit, so I had to stick to at least making dinner for myself.

(I’m only one day behind at this point, which is way better than usual…the black bean soup has become black bean-sweet potato soup and is cooking right now, and the collards will cook up in maybe 30 minutes tomorrow night.)

Japanese vegetable pancakes are called okonomiyaki, a term I didn’t know until Dylan told me, and a term he didn’t know until he made Rachel repeat it to him until he learned exactly what tasted so good (although to be fair, pretty much everything Rachel makes tastes good). I only scanned the recipe this weekend so I never got to the translation part, but I saw that the ingredients contained four of the items in this week’s CSA. That’s the majority of the box, so this plus my fondness for latkes (which is so profound that I go to this weird old people-ish restaurant nearby strictly for their potato pancakes) meant I had to make them.


And you guys.

You guys.

The okonomiyaki I made was perhaps one of the best things I’ve ever made. They didn’t look like the Smitten Kitchen okonomiyaki but come on, that lady has a photographer husband, but they were so super delicious and it’s achieving something like that – something so simple, when you think about it, as being able to make a meal that you really enjoy – that makes me understand why I spend so much of my day thinking about food, and wondering why I never managed to get myself a job that pays me to do it.

I didn’t take very many photos, but if you want gorgeous, well-lit images of okonomiyaki in various stages of being completed, please go to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe. It’s what I used to make mine. (Although in mine, I added basil from the CSA box to the veg, plus ¼ cup of panko crumbs to the batter and about ¼ of the flour I used was triticale, which was also from our CSA box. And for dressing purposes, I made a sriracha mayo and doctored up some hoisin (because who doesn’t have hoisin in the house these days?) with minced garlic, rice wine vinegar, fig vinegar, sesame oil, and honey. And when Courtney made hers, she added some thinly-sliced sweet onions. So I suppose our recipes were adapted from Smitten Kitchen, which is a nice way of saying that we stole pretty much all of it.)


The great thing about okonomiyaki is that you can put pretty much anything in it. I’m already dreaming up a Reuben sandwich version with cabbage, quick pickles, and corned beef. And god help everyone I know if I ever learn how to break down a squid.

Seriously…why don’t I have a job that pays me to think about food all day? I mean, aside from the obvious restrictions of I want health insurance, don’t want to cook on a line, and catering jobs are only open to rich white ladies who went to culinary school and work as a hobby. The person who does what they love for a living is a mythical figure as far as I’m concerned, and since I neglected to buy a Powerball ticket, I suppose I’ll never reach that status.

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    Oh dear god, those look good. Also, your handwriting is so perfect it looks like a font. Some nun would be really proud.

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