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The Captain of My Burden

I got stuck in traffic on my way home Thursday night, and by “way home” I mean “in the general direction of home,” because my normally 30-minute commute took two fucking hours and about one hour of that was me … Continue reading

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Depending on the day, I can spend a lot of time on hold. The hold music depends on the client. Some play the same canned Muzak track over and over again, some stick to Oldies, some subscribe to the worst … Continue reading

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The Rules About Photos of Your Kids

I’m at the age where many of the people I know have kids, and some of those people are old enough (or had their kids at a young enough age) to have teenagers, or kids who are about to be … Continue reading

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All Black Scribbles

I am 31 years old and I still have trouble reading scary stories before bed. Actually, I don’t have trouble reading scary stories before bed. I can read them just fine. It’s after I read them that I have the … Continue reading

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Let Me Learn You a Thing

The other day, everyone on Facebook and Twitter shared a HuffPo link about what’s wrong with Generation Y, the people born between the late ‘70s (too young for Gen X) and the late ‘80s (too old to be Millennials). The … Continue reading

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Not enough sleep + Monday + general achy-painy shittiness + terminal malaise = all I wanted to do that night was get home from work and go the fuck to bed. And I was planning on it, until I remembered … Continue reading

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LT Smooth and the Big Kaboom

We recently received our lease renewal notice in the mail, and it came complete with a ludicrous increase in rent including an absurdly high utility fee that I would probably understand if we were a family of seven who ran … Continue reading

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