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There’s a woman at my work who’s been married three times. She’s only about eight years older than me, too, which means that if I want to catch up, in the time it would take me to graduate high school … Continue reading

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Southern Fried Stupid

I didn’t watch the VMAs last night. I didn’t watch them because I’m one of those assholes who doesn’t have TV, which of course means that I have a TV, it’s just that I only use it for Netflix and … Continue reading

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The Act of Eating Alone

I just got back from the farmer’s market, and boy, do my arms smell like beets. We skipped last week’s pickup because of the mountain, so today I had a double pickup and am skipping the usual publishing of the … Continue reading

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I Tremble for My Country When I Reflect That God Is Just

Presented (mostly, aside from this part, some formatting, and the title) without comment, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s statement to President Obama after his sentencing: “The decisions that I made in 2010 were made out of a concern … Continue reading

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They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha

We were too far away on a mountaintop to pick up our CSA this week, so until Sunday (when we pick up two boxes and force everyone to let us make them dinner), I’m stuck buying produce at the grocery … Continue reading

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Black Booger Blues

FIRST: Is your name Jennifer Evans? Do you have friends named Sam and Sabra? Have you recently experienced a life event that would warrant the gift of a cookie bouquet from these friends? If so, then there’s a cookie bouquet … Continue reading

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It Always Gets Worse

When I saw this video a couple of weeks ago, I thought “hey, here’s one of those videos that riffs on a well-known concept and although it promises to be funny, it really just ends up trying too hard…kind of … Continue reading

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The “I Guess” CSA

Last night, Josh and I meant to go to the street food festival. And we did. We went there. We just didn’t stay there, because staying “there” meant staying on a street that was lined on both sides with food … Continue reading

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Nope, Lazy Asshole Nonsense

When people hear that you’re from the Midwest, they tend to react in one of two ways: 1. They enthusiastically exclaim “ME TOO!” even though it turns out they’re from some teeny tiny town you’ve never heard of or they … Continue reading

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It’s Not Rocket Surgery

On my way home tonight, I got stuck in traffic behind a car with a license plate reading “SCI GUY” and a sticker that said “it’s not rocket surgery.” If it wasn’t for the general sense of helpless rage that … Continue reading

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