Late But Not Too Late

“Hey, um, I know you’re busy and you work really hard and everything you earn should go back into your own pocket because you totally deserve it, but, um, just for a second, could you please maybe give some of your money to these people on the Internet, please?”


That’s how I imagine this conversation to go, and truthfully, I don’t blame you at all. I react in a similar way when asked to kick funds into something I know (or care) very little about, especially if I have no direct experience with that something (or someone, because someone’s kid is always doing some fucking jump-rope-a-thon for ADHD or some shit). So while I don’t blame you for ignoring the forthcoming plea or even blocking me altogether for the rest of your days, if you’re still reading, I’d like to make a heartfelt request.

This is KDHX.

KDHX is an independent radio station and media source in St. Louis, MO, founded in 1987 by a handful of weirdos who wanted to broadcast music and information that wasn’t funded by corporations or the government (not that they had an official agenda, but even back then, payola was a thing and shitty music was played for money). Since then, it has become an incredible source for independent artists who aren’t backed by the same conglomerates that push Nickelback albums down the throats of Wal-Mart’s heftiest shoppers. KDHX is a continual supporter of St. Louis and its citizens and their right to access great music, many times for free. St. Louis is in perpetual last place among other large U.S. cities in areas such as economic growth, population, and absolutely not baseball (FUCK THE CUBS), but trust me when I say that KDHX is far and away one of the best stations of its kind – KEXP in Seattle may be more well-known and well-funded, but it cannot hold a candle to KDHX’s commitment to independent music, artists, or its own community. St. Louis is incredibly lucky to have it as a resource, and I jump at every chance I have to support it, both with my time and with my money.

At this time, KDHX is leaving their tiny (but charming!) headquarters in Tower Grove East to move to a larger, more modern space at Grand Central. Part of this space will be devoted to live music, which will be funded in part by the KDHX Stage Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign is currently about $7,000 shy of its goal and it closes tonight.


The deadline to have an amazing new venue in St. Louis committed to creativity, independence, and the arts is tonight. By tonight, the station has to raise just over seven grand to build this venue. There’s a party for it and everything (you can go, if you want)! The first beer is on the house! Seriously!

So many artists – both local and otherwise (including Mike Doughty, Neko Case, and JC Brooks, to name a few) – have called to their fans on Facebook and Twitter to help support this project. If you’ve ever complained about not knowing which shows to see or how to find out about new artists, or if you’ve ever been to a free event featuring any kind of art or music, or if you’ve wished that someone would play a part in trying to make St. Louis a better place or if you want your kids to be able to appreciate real music made by real artists in a city they’re proud of someday, then you should be funding this campaign. $25 gets you a t-shirt. Less doesn’t get you a t-shirt, but think of the do-goodery!  The bottom line is that you’ll be helping KDHX. They totally deserve it.

And if you’re not in St. Louis and therefore have zero interest in supporting a station where you don’t even live, then please remember:

1 – You can listen online. Not only to the live version, but to the past two episodes of any show. So get on that.

2 – Supporting a station like KDHX in St. Louis is not terribly different from supporting the same kind of thing in your own city, and if this project can be pulled off in a place like my hometown, it can be pulled off practically anywhere.

Please consider throwing a few (or a lot of, amirite?) bills KDHX’s way. It will absolutely come full circle someday. I truly love that station and I wish the absolute best for them and the people who are most directly affected by their success.

Thanks for listening, St. Louisans and Elsewheres! Let’s do this shit!

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