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Graham went home this weekend to see his sister get married, and while I couldn’t take the vacation days at work, I did drive him to the airport at 6am on Saturday morning. Which wasn’t terrible, considering I was already … Continue reading

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Okay, the FIRST THING I want to say is that if you read my KDHX Kickstarter post and donated, then THANK YOU! They made their goal plus a little over $8K, and I’m so excited that the project worked and … Continue reading

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Late But Not Too Late

“Hey, um, I know you’re busy and you work really hard and everything you earn should go back into your own pocket because you totally deserve it, but, um, just for a second, could you please maybe give some of … Continue reading

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I finished reading “Gone Girl,” and boy, are my brains tired. Let me explain: I loved “Gone Girl.” Loooooved it. Upon hitting my stride somewhere in the third chapter, I regretted resisting this book for so long; about a year, … Continue reading

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Have Mercy

Yeah, I didn’t get to see this on Friday night because I was seeing PAUL MCFUCKINGCARTNEY: Although now it’s impossible to imagine that anyone doesn’t love John Stamos (1:40!). In the same vein, it’s a scientific fact that nobody doesn’t … Continue reading

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I’ll Spend Forever Loving You

In summer, the sun doesn’t fully set in Seattle until around 10pm. Usually a little later, which means that when I go to bed at night (you know, in order to wake up at 4:30am), it’s still light out and … Continue reading

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Trash Hole

I may write some hot shit about eating well and belonging to a CSA, but if I’m being completely honest, sometimes even I am appalled by what I’m able to put into my mouth. Especially lately. Okay, sure, like I … Continue reading

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Eat Your Vegetables

If this were any other Sunday, I would roll over, look at the clock, and say “9:40?! I’ve wasted half of my day!” But this Sunday is different because yesterday was Luke’s birthday picnic, where we drank and ate and … Continue reading

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I Know, Let’s Have a Slut Contest

For the past few months, I’ve been considering moving when our lease is up. I originally thought that we’d never be able to move due to the costs of moving halfway across the country to a city where everything is … Continue reading

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Bed Psyche

I’m not going to lie – I have a Pinterest account. I’ve had it for a couple of years, actually, getting one of the pilot invites when the site was still in beta. Back then, it was shaping up to … Continue reading

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