And Another Friendly Reminder

Oh look at that. I thought I was done with the Friendly’s receipt issue but I’m not, and this time I promise you that my concerns have nothing to do with people who have kids.

Aside from what I already said about the fuckhead who took his kid to a bar and it didn’t work out for some reason, I’m really bothered by this trend of people who go to the press when they’re not satisfied by what is essentially a customer service issue. The fuckhead who went to Friendly’s said he called the bar and was told not to come back if he didn’t like it, and instead of hanging up the phone, telling the bar to go fuck themselves or just not going back to give them any more money, he contacted the local newspaper to see if they could be of any help.


“i dont know how good this will do. my child and i sat in for a late lunch early dinner. the receipt explains for what. i called the manager or someone in charged i explained how offended i was and what actions were going to be taken. i got if your that highly offended then dont come in….click. i asked the server why this was needed i got oh im sorry it was just a joke between a coworker and i. im sorry. so customers with children are a joke? this place isnt so friendly. i got nowhere with management. maybe you can help.”

Help with what?

The newspaper isn’t the cops for one thing, and even if it was, your pissy pants hurt feelings aren’t illegal. The more I consider this, the more I realize that the guy and his kid probably were being unreasonable pains in the ass, and the more I sympathize with a server who I’d previously thought made an idiotic mistake (if one borne of understandable impulse).

This guy is (allegedly) an adult and he’s basically telling on people when he doesn’t get his way. And the Pulitzer-founded source he told is so desperate for news – in a city where 17 people were recently shot in a single night, mind you – that they published it, and it spread, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for this jackass?

Why should we feel sorry for anyone who operates like this, who can’t understand the difference between simply not getting what he wants and an event so outrageous that the newspaper staff is obligated to mete out justice on his behalf? Why has “customer service” become an industry of “letting power-mad shit-for-brains demand (and receive) whatever they want or else they’ll write a barely literate Yelp review”? Why have people become such imbecilic, tantrum-throwing monsters with the whole world as their toilet/complaint department?

And why can’t they stay the hell out of our bars?

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