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The following is something I’ve debated about saying for a long time now, and I haven’t it said previously because a) it’s embarrassing and b) why would you care? I finally decided to put it out here because for the … Continue reading

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It was about 85 degrees in Seattle yesterday and predicted to hit 95 today, which has everyone in the city FREAKING THE FUCK OUT because apparently, this kind of heat and almost zero fucking humidity (at least, humidity the way … Continue reading

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I Wanna

The other day, I arrived home to learn that the Internet had gone out. Literally gone out, as our router was suddenly kaput for no reason other than it decided I’m not allowed to have nice things anymore. In addition … Continue reading

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The Long Hand

Here’s what I wanted to write today: It’s here, it’s here, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE is here!! …But then I re-checked the order confirmation when I got home from work and realized that sometime between the … Continue reading

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And Another Friendly Reminder

Oh look at that. I thought I was done with the Friendly’s receipt issue but I’m not, and this time I promise you that my concerns have nothing to do with people who have kids. Aside from what I already … Continue reading

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The Friendliest Bar in Town

I noticed the above receipt currently making the rounds on the Internet because it was generated by one of my favorite bars. Friendly’s is where Graham and I had our goodbye get-together, and where we told people to show up … Continue reading

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I Am Pretty Much Always Sorry About Everything

The tunnel was closed today, meaning I prematurely turned off Marginal to get to I-5, which was a stupid idea but also one that everyone in the city had, apparently, because I crawled along at between 10 and 18mph the … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Choose the Thug Life

The last time I pet-sat for the Steizeseses, Desmond (the cat) had just begun a radiation treatment for his hyperthyroidism. Apparently it works on like 95% of cats, just fixes their thyroids and the only side effect is that they’re … Continue reading

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Psychic Vampirism and Other Things About Friendship

That woman who faked cancer at Truman State a few years ago got probation. It was a big deal in St. Louis because Truman is an in-state university where smart kids (including Graham!) go, and because of its academic reputation, … Continue reading

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The Beast

My morning commute sucks for a lot of reasons, chief of which is that it happens at 5:15am. Unfortunately, that time isn’t going to change in the near future, so I can either wake up feeling like shit and hating … Continue reading

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