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We don’t have cable because it costs about as much as raising a child to the age of three. Probably. We had it in St. Louis because having cable and Internet was somehow cheaper than just having Internet, but since we now live in a more expensive city that has a decent network for Clear Internet (those little blobbies that you can plug in pretty much anywhere; useless in St. Louis but works like gangbusters in Seattle), we’ve chosen just the Internet and so far, that and Netflix is enough.

But then I heard that HBO was adapting Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” and after my initial reaction of shock and horror (“can’t they leave just one book alone, please?!”), I decided that it will be necessary for me to see this show. HBO is reportedly planning something like 6 seasons which should include the upcoming sequel to the book, and considering that I hate bit torrent and I’m not willing to wait for someone else to save it to a thumb drive, HBO and cable it’ll have to be.

Of course, this means that my expectations of the characters will be dashed into a million pieces. For example, I’ve always seen Shadow as sort of like Robert Duvall as Boo Radley, but you know that no one’s going to touch that one. For one, my image is probably wrong. For two, Boo is way too iconic and looks (is) slightly retarded. But that’s how my brain sees Shadow no matter how many times I read the book. Mr. Wednesday is a whole other can of worms (uhm, he’s the reincarnated Odin but for some reason I’ve always seen him as a black guy?), and while I won’t be surprised to see my expectations proven wrong, I worry that I might not connect to the story in the same way.

This is what’s called a first world nerd problem, I guess.

The good news is that I leave for St. Louis in three and a half days, so I finally get to read “Unnatural Creatures” on the plane! I’m not normally this good at staving off my own reward; at some point during the waiting period, I remember that I’m an adult and can do whatever I want, so I usually end up reading the book/eating the dessert/taking the nap and that’s it. This time, though, I reminded myself that we leave too early to allow for a pre-flight cocktail, and if I can’t fly mildly buzzed/slightly less anxious, then the least I can do for myself is get lost in a book.

Speaking of cocktails, with the exception of tomorrow (because like shit I’m turning 31 sober), I plan on abstaining from alcohol until I get to St. Louis. I’m not trying to destroy my tolerance before then, I just know that Midwest Drinking is a completely different animal from Northwest Drinking, plus I’ve been living in a city full of $4 beers for the past 8 months and I fully expect to go a little bit delirious in the face of $12 buckets when I’m back in town.

And the food! Ohmygod, the food. Knowing full well that I’ll barely have time to catch up with family and friends outside of the wedding, I’ve already wrangled in a dinner at O’Connell’s on Friday (fish n’ chips day!) plus begged Graham to get us to Macklind Avenue Deli on Thursday before the rehearsal dinner, plus I’m hoping to convince my dad to go with either Mud House or Hodak’s on Sunday before I have to catch my flight back home. This nowhere near approaches the full spectrum of St. Louis Food I Miss So Much It Hurts Sometimes and I know I won’t have time to go to Taste with Sarah (who, next to Graham, might be the best person to go to Taste with), but it’s the stuff I’ve wanted most.

Although Seattle food – at least this weekend, and at least the kind prepared by native Ohioans and Southerners – is no slouch. I’m still recovering from Dylan and Rachel’s Derby Day party yesterday. Not because I got very drunk on Dylan’s mint juleps (the best, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like bourbon), but because of the hot brown with home-smoked turkey, as well as the derby pie I’ve been trying to eat for breakfast for the past two hours (seriously), and the farm-fresh eggs Rachel gave me to take home, which are the most beautiful shades of pastel and I’m pretty psyched to fry up the big speckled turkey egg later today.


Expect a photo of that lunch in the next few days. Because didn’t you know? Food and cat photos plus books and talking about HBO is what the Internet is all about.

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