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For three short days, I was able to enjoy the prospect of getting to sleep in until 7am, starting work at 9:30, and driving home at 6pm every weekday. So, basically, have the routine of a normal human being. My … Continue reading

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Of All the Racisms in All the World

I’m not saying that racism in any form is okay (it’s not, duh), but I find some forms of it to be especially absurd. Actually, before I continue, I feel I should further explain what I mean by some forms … Continue reading

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Doppelgangers in the Jungle

Did you know that you can search for your doppelganger on Google? Forgive me for not finding this out sooner, but apparently you can go to the image search and upload a photo of yourself (or your cat, or both … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

I made that Probably Paleo Chicken and Sweet Potato thing last night, although it should be noted that I fell asleep about an hour before it was supposed to be done and woke up an hour after I was supposed … Continue reading

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The Fatness

As I type this, there is a Crockpot burbling on low in the kitchen. In the Crockpot is a quartered yellow onion, three sweet potatoes, some chicken thighs, and three cans of El Pato tomato sauce. There are tortillas on … Continue reading

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I’m home again after taking part in the greatest wedding of all time, and like any really cool person, I’m super excited to hang out with the cats and take a shit in my own house. The two aren’t mutually … Continue reading

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Stuff and Things

Things should be quiet around here for the next few days. I’m flying back to St. Louis to be in Stephanie’s wedding and do all that entails, including wearing a dress and holding a bucket into which strangers deposit dollars … Continue reading

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