We Live Here

You know how I’ve said about a hundred times that my favorite thing to do on weekends is put on a pair of fat pants and sit in front of Netflix? Yeah, okay, but here’s what I did this weekend:

Friday: Wandered around Capitol Hill with Courtney for our super secret art project, met up with Graham later and welcomed Crossley back to America.

Saturday: Went for a walk because Seattle is so gorgeous it’d blow your ass right off. This is the view from a point in my neighborhood. I mean, come on.


After my walk, I came home and decided it was too beautiful to not sit on the front porch with a beer (calm down, we have a semi-private front yard). The Cat wouldn’t stop yowling at the window, so I put the leash on him and brought him outside with me. If you think he looks like a lunatic here, it’s because he lost his mind with joy.



While hanging out in the yard with The Cat, I saw that Luke asked Facebook if anyone was down to play horseshoes. “ME ME ME” I thought and got to talk a little with our other neighbor, who is not only normal but very happy that the Piss Kid Wiener Neighbors have left, before Luke showed up to pick me up.

Played horseshoes at the park. No bald eagles overhead this time, but about every five minutes, one of us would say “It’s so perfect out today.”

Went home, made a pizza and then went to Luke and Courtney’s for an art party. It smelled like markers.

Sunday: Some of you had Easter lunch with your families. Some of you had Easter dinner. We went to a dim sum brunch with Dylan, Rachel, Josh and Chris and competed with stories about that day’s flat tires and psychotic motorists.

Then Rachel led us to some toy store in the International District so Chris could buy a kite.

Then we went to Discovery Park, where we hiked down jungle trails to the beach and flew kites, and about every five minutes, one of us said “It’s so perfect out today.” About every ten minutes, one of us said, “We live here.”

(photo courtesy Graham)




Because we do live here. Each of us made terrific decisions at different points of our pasts, and we live here now and here is awesome.

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6 Responses to We Live Here

  1. It *was* stunningly gorgeous all weekend. I fear we will pay for it with eternal rain soon, though.

    • erineph says:

      Yeah, apparently this is the annual “false spring,” where the weather tricks us with beauty just before dumping on us for another month. But we have had a mild winter (so I’ve heard), so maybe this is a case of environmental tragedy-that-also-happens-to-be-nice.

  2. jp says:

    Aah..the March tease. It was beautiful and hopefully a harbinger of a warm, sunny summer. Chris calls the weather around this time of year as bipolar to his hotel guests.

  3. Karisma says:

    You make me want to live there! What a gorgeous place…

    • erineph says:

      That’s really cool. Beacon Hill could use a place like that. Stuff gets much less green the further south you go in the city, so it’s nice that they’ll get to do what the rich people have probably always taken for granted.

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