The Best Days of My Flurm

Sure I could go out on a Friday night. See some friends, drink some beers, silently laugh at people who are assholes on the bus. Or I could stay home, get drunk by myself, and get weepy in front of Doctor Who the 30 Rock finale. Also I could finish booking my flight for Stephanie’s wedding, which ended up being a little weird since Graham is coming with me but he’s leaving St. Louis a day after I am. His sister is the musical director of an elementary school band and the kids are playing at a Cardinals game, so obviously he’s staying to see that. I, on the other hand, have limited vacation time, and it’s not really a vacation when you’ve got two and a half days and a major life event to fit into that time. So I’m getting back to Seattle sooner to have a day at home to myself before I go back to work.

In order to book ourselves on the same flight out and different flights back, I basically had to book us one way to St. Louis together, and then one way to Seattle by myself. He can book himself back to Seattle whenever he wants. It felt a little weird to be doing it that way; not only do I have two separate confirmations, but I’m also flying two different airlines. On the way there, we’re flying Frontier because they’re fairly reliable and they give out warm chocolate chip cookies for free in the middle of the flight. On the way back, I’m flying Alaska Airlines because they were the only airline offering a nonstop flight, and hell yes I’m willing to pay $30 extra to get home in four and a half hours instead of in eight. Bargains are great, but as far as I’m concerned, they are not limited to money. They can also be had in terms of convenience, comfort, and time, and I am absolutely willing to get them.

I even got to pick my seat (heh) with Alaska Airlines, a service that not too many airlines offer anymore aside from “window or aisle.” I picked a window seat in the row immediately behind first class because a) there’s a little more leg room there and b) probably less screaming babies. Oh, and! Alaska Airlines offers wifi for 100% of the flight. And, I am not being paid by Alaska Airlines to say any of this.

And since it’s the reason I’m flying back in the first place, I got Stephanie and Justin’s wedding invitation today! It’s the most stylish and fun invitation probably ever (example: “…we invite you to join us as we exchange vows and totally go for it”). Also: Typographeeeeeeeeeee!

Good night and good god, Lemon.

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