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Pee Terrorist

Several years ago, I realized that I was At That Age. While I always knew it chronologically, it occurred to me that more of the people I knew were getting married and having kids than were staying single and childless, … Continue reading

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A Very Important Recap

As you should know, Stephanie is getting married in May, and I am in the wedding party. This is the second wedding I have ever been in (third if you count my cousin’s wedding, but I didn’t have a title … Continue reading

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Operation Fuck You

By some magic, I am the only non-native Seattleite in my office. Well. According to me, that is. There’s some local quirk that considers anyone from a suburban area 30 minutes away from the city’s center to be from “out … Continue reading

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With the holiday season over and a new year begun, all of the food sites I normally visit are clogged with detox recipes. Lots of detox salads, detox smoothies, detox soups, even detox waters (which, as far as I can … Continue reading

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Majestic as Fuck

Upon checking my phone this afternoon, I saw that a friend from my old company had texted me to say that he’d just put in his two weeks’ notice. This friend and I originally met while working in the same … Continue reading

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The 2012 Hipster Band Name List

Last night, I posted to Facebook that I now live in a city where the loud bang-bang noises heard on New Year’s Eve are actually fireworks, and hey, St. Louis friends, can you even?!?! I posted it while riding the … Continue reading

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