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The Loneliest Dicks

The other day, I posted on Facebook that Seattle had had three sunny days in a row, which, from October through April, anyway, is something to post about. When I lived in Southern California, I hardly ever left the house … Continue reading

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Financial Planning in Pornography

I have issues with nudity. It’s not really a body image issue; I was once actually really thin for a few years, and even then I wore a bikini maybe twice and still put extra-long t-shirts over my low-rise jeans. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

I’m in the middle of writing a piece that’s technically a book review, but the book in question was written several years ago and, in my opinion, has become a sort of neo-classic of its genre. So maybe it’s more … Continue reading

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Brain Crushes and Zombie Movies

There are different kinds of crushes. The most well-known kind of crush is the romantic/sexual crush, where you want to fall in love with and bang the shit out of someone because your hormones make them deliriously attractive to you. … Continue reading

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Go, States, Go!

To borrow steal a line from the Internet, I love waking up in the morning and Barack Obama is president. I also love that Missouri kept Todd “Rape Detector” Akin out of the Senate and Washington approved same sex marriage … Continue reading

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Election Night Quease

I’m too nervous to do anything educational like read or watch a documentary, and it’s too rainy for me to walk around the neighborhood (plus I still can’t get the hang of living in a city where it’s pretty safe … Continue reading

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To the Ground

Today is Election Day. I voted absentee because, although R74 here in Washington would allow marriage equality, I feel that keeping Todd “Rape Detector” Akin out of the Senate is more important to me, both as a woman and as … Continue reading

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