Brain Crushes and Zombie Movies

There are different kinds of crushes. The most well-known kind of crush is the romantic/sexual crush, where you want to fall in love with and bang the shit out of someone because your hormones make them deliriously attractive to you. Another kind of crush is the talent crush, which usually happens when someone in an industry (usually a creative one) falls for someone else in the same industry because they demonstrate a remarkable adeptness at their job or vocation. Also, sometimes talent crushes are when regular people develop confusing sexual feelings about someone who isn’t empirically attractive except in cases of talent (ahem, why I’m into Keith Richards). Another kind of crush is the brain crush, and man, do I have a brain crush on Rachel Maddow.

It’s not just that she’s wicked smart and has her own news show where she gets to revel in her smartness and make money doing it, it’s also because she’s brave and addresses issues the way they are (example: “But here’s the thing about rights. They’re not actually supposed to be voted on. That’s why they’re called rights.”) and accepts that she’s a target for several reasons (female, lesbian, liberal, et al) but challenges this with every broadcast. Plus she’s pretty hot, which is not my way of downplaying her smarts or her cojones, I’m just saying. I’m sorry that I have to qualify this because I’ve made no secret about not being into vaginas at all (bleh), but what can I say. I like the way she’s put together.

Especially in this clip, which places her into the upper echelon of people I want to buy a drink not necessarily because I want to get in their pants, but because I just want to sit at a bar and have them talk at me for hours because maybe that will make me a little less dumb:

And since I’m posting videos, the full-length trailer for World War Z was posted today (it’s still 11:30pm on the West Coast, heyyyy). I’d heard that the release had been pushed back to June 2013 so I wasn’t expecting the trailer so soon (also it’s been forever since I saw a movie in the theater so I have no idea what’s even going on anymore), but I read the book last year and loved/was terrified by it. So, obviously, when I saw the trailer, I kiiiiiiind of almost crapped my pants.

The LA Times writer who linked the trailer said that the zombies of World War Z were more 28 Days Later than Walking Dead or George Romero, which only serves to illustrate that the writer didn’t bother reading the book, the scariest parts of which are the massive hordes of zombies who can continue running for their food source for entire days because they’re meat machines instead of living, tiring beings. Maybe you guys get it even though apparently MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS DO NOT, but the zombie apocalypse is such a big fucking deal and everybody needs to just get on fucking board, okay?

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4 Responses to Brain Crushes and Zombie Movies

  1. Not only is Rachel the sanest lesbian ever, but she just may be the sanest person in America.
    And as a major fan of World War Z, I’m not sure what to think of this trailer. This video make it look pretty cool, but it bears almost no resemblance to the book. I was really hoping the film would stick a lot closer to the source material. Also, I can buy a horde of zombies making a ladder up a wall but no way is Brad Pitt married to the lady from The Killing.

    • erineph says:

      I realize that it doesn’t resemble the book much (at least until the WALLS OF ZOMBIES HAPPEN) but with a budget so large and this kind of earnings potential, it’d be a lot harder to capture an audience with a series of quick-moving vignettes. Possibly if the book had come out ten years ago and a small-time director took an interest before anyone else did, but not now. I didn’t expect it to stay close to the source material (just as I rarely expect any film to stay close to the source material because it never fucking happens), so I’m still excited.

  2. tina says:

    I had not heard of “World War Z” till I read your post. So I looked it up. Holy fuck balls, that looks good. I was never a big fan of the zombie genre. It’s one of the reasons why I initially didn’t watch “The Walking Dead” when it first started. At first I thought Brad Pitt in a zombie movie. Really?? However, I will suspend any judgement till I see it.

    • erineph says:

      Dude. I mean, dude. The book is INSANE. Please read the book before you see the movie (like ASAP so we can talk about it!). The film doesn’t seem to borrow from the book much at all, but you have to read it because a) it’s good, b) it’s fucking scary, c) it’s so oddly emotional, and d) you deserve to know it before Brad Pitt comes in and squints it all up.

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