To the Ground

Today is Election Day. I voted absentee because, although R74 here in Washington would allow marriage equality, I feel that keeping Todd “Rape Detector” Akin out of the Senate is more important to me, both as a woman and as someone who can’t fucking stand when everyone outside of Missouri seems to think that everyone inside of Missouri is some megachurch dumbfuck yokel. So I voted absentee in Missouri, which was actually pretty great because it allowed me to do some research into the judges up for reinstatement (I put a big fat no on one who wrote a book titled something like “…and the Liberal Assault on America’s Judicial System,” or something).

Obviously I voted for Barack Obama, obviously I voted for Claire McCaskill, and obviously I voted for anyone who hasn’t attempted to take away my rights as a woman or poor person or anyone else who isn’t a first class citizen (ahem, has money, Caucasian heritage, and a penis). Whichever way you choose to vote (and I sincerely hope it’s Obama, because I have no idea why you keep reading me if not), please just get out there and do it. We are a privileged nation in this respect, and everyone gets a point for trying.

Let her be your hero:

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  1. tina says:

    I don’t want to vote for either of those motherf******. So I am voting for Jill Stein.

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