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Kathryn Holloway and Bill Hannegan

While most people don’t think of Missouri as a hotbed of political or cultural liberalism, according to the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index, St. Louis is one of the top LGBT-friendly cities in America, and one of only eleven … Continue reading

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Seattle tried to kill Graham last night. After a 3am visit to the ER, oxygen, two breathing treatments, steroids, and a prescription for a rescue inhaler (finally!), he’s a little weak but mostly okay. Also, my next-door neighbor is a … Continue reading

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Everyone Is Terrible and No Other Stories

This is the kind of shit I have to scroll through to find a job. While I don’t mind the occasional babysitter, nanny, or home health aide listings, people like this woman (Birgit M. since she posted her name and … Continue reading

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Substitute Booze

Did you know that booze is a perfectly good substitute for vanilla extract? I mean, vanilla extract is basically alcohol, anyway, which everybody learns at some point yet I’m confused about why I’ve never seen people sneaking it on Intervention, … Continue reading

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Business Advice from the Unemployed

Every morning, I wake up, make a pot of coffee, and start applying for jobs. The applying can take anywhere from one hour to two and a half hours, depending on available positions and companies with sites that actually work … Continue reading

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Too Much Not Quick Enough

Stephanie posted something the other day about seasonal depression (or at least seasonal depressive qualities), and while I’m not clinically sleep disordered or mood altered or diagnosed as anything else-d at this time of year, man, I totally get it. … Continue reading

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The Overshare Police

You know, I don’t mind people posting their However Many Days of Thankfulness on Facebook. Maybe it’s just the people I know who do it, but the exercise seems to be a daily reflection communicated in a short but sincere … Continue reading

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The Loneliest Dicks

The other day, I posted on Facebook that Seattle had had three sunny days in a row, which, from October through April, anyway, is something to post about. When I lived in Southern California, I hardly ever left the house … Continue reading

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Financial Planning in Pornography

I have issues with nudity. It’s not really a body image issue; I was once actually really thin for a few years, and even then I wore a bikini maybe twice and still put extra-long t-shirts over my low-rise jeans. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

I’m in the middle of writing a piece that’s technically a book review, but the book in question was written several years ago and, in my opinion, has become a sort of neo-classic of its genre. So maybe it’s more … Continue reading

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