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Erin Takes the Bus

When I was fifteen and a half, I got my worker’s permit and got a job. Actually, my friend Becky got it for me; it was at the dog grooming place where she worked. I was there for a day. … Continue reading

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All of the Bacon and Eggs

Now that Hurricane Sandy is definitely more than the product of an overactive meteorologist’s imagination (similar to the supposed NYC impact of Hurricane Earl in 2010 (or was it Irene last year?) and St. Louis’ “Snowpocalypse” in 2011), I’m caring … Continue reading

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Okay Fine

Based on blog comments, Facebook messages, and e-mails I’ve received, apparently I’ve neglected to tell everyone how I like living in Seattle. I thought I’d been telling without telling, if that makes sense, but also I wanted to wait to … Continue reading

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Employee’s Remorse

As you may have gathered from previous entries, I got a job. I got here on a Saturday, interviewed by phone on Monday, interviewed in person on Tuesday and Wednesday, and was offered the position by Friday. Which was great. … Continue reading

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How to End a Moving Vacation

Tuesday SPAM comments are kind of freaking me out: Also, I start my new job tomorrow.

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Making Friends, Waking Up Early

If you follow me on Instagram (*cough cough* ErinEph *cough cough*), you know that I recently discovered the Woodland Park Rose Garden. I came upon it by accident when I tried to find a way across Aurora. I eventually found … Continue reading

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Here’s the bookshelf that took us three days to buy, two days to put together, and a couple of hours to stack: It’s about six inches taller than me and exceeds my wingspan, covering most of an entire wall in … Continue reading

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Driving Through the Apocalypse

The distance between St. Louis and Seattle is allegedly one of 2,092 miles and 34-something hours. In reality, the distance between St. Louis and Seattle seems infinitely longer, takes about 4 days and some change, and involves way too many … Continue reading

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Binder Woman

One of my neighbors has a yard. It’s not much of a yard, maybe 6’ x 8’, and there’s no landscaping in it. Just a square patch of grass, easily maintained (one would think). Today, there are landscape dudes back … Continue reading

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The Debatening

Our house is at the almost top of a hill. While in most cities, hills are just hills, in others (like Seattle) hills are actual things. They are obstinate and immovable forces of nature, even when they’re covered in concrete … Continue reading

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