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Aside from a “BRB, MOVING TO SEATTLE!” post I was thinking about putting up tomorrow, this will be my last entry until we get there and get Internet. So…a week and a couple of days, maybe, hopefully no longer since … Continue reading

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Thank You For Your Interest

That’s it. From now on, any time I post furniture on Craigslist, I’m drafting an automatic rejection e-mail for the dumb-dumbs who ask me about it. This isn’t for the people who know how to read and purchase used goods; … Continue reading

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Do You Know What Words Mean

I’m officially unemployed! Well, not quite. Today and tomorrow will be paid to me as vacation, but after that, I will be officially unemployed! It feels weird to not have a job again, perhaps weirdest that I’m not reacting in … Continue reading

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Kill Your Pinterest

Even though it seems like everyone I knew had weddings to attend on Saturday, mine and Graham’s departure party was totally excellent, and well-attended enough for me to feel worried about not being able to spend enough time with everyone … Continue reading

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Team Chris

My attempt to extort free music from my friends in order to maintain my sanity while driving west is going pretty well, and while it’s still too early to declare a clear winner in any category (volume, theme, CD cover … Continue reading

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The Mexican Blackbird

A month and a half ago, I created a Facebook invite to scam free music from my friends. No! Kidding! I created a Facebook invite that asked my friends to create 1 mix CD and send it either by mail … Continue reading

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Before the Packing Comes the Existential Time Travel

Sometimes (ahem usually when I’m flipping through the premium channels that Graham still hasn’t cancelled even though he’s been threatening to for like a year) I like to pause for a moment and imagine how awesome it would be if … Continue reading

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I’m not, like, an expert on being cool or anything, but I think I’m still qualified to wager that staying at home to pack and then non-euphemistically bathe a cat on Saturday night is definitively not cool. This is what … Continue reading

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Leaving the Boo Boos

Last month, I requested some vacation time in September because Seattle was the realest possible scenario, and just in case, I wanted to give myself time to fly in and search for a job and/or apartment. It seems we’ve found … Continue reading

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A Real Kick in the Nuts

Although I am a mostly fiscally responsible person, every now and then the urge to buy something surges up out of my brainstem and smacks me right in the back of my eyes. My responsible norm becomes an impulsive Id, … Continue reading

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