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Sorry I’m Like This

I went to the mall yesterday. I try to never go to the mall, not out of some militant anti-capitalist protest but because I really fucking hate the mall. Unfortunately, it’s the best source for decent bras and reasonably-priced jeans, … Continue reading

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Mohawk Truth

Graham and I were introduced by someone who was, at the time, a mutual friend. Other than that person, we didn’t have any friends in common, at least, not that we knew of. We eventually learned that Stephanie knew Courtney … Continue reading

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Vegans Off the Bridge

Someone hung a banner from the South Kingshighway railway bridge. It’s spray painted on a bedsheet so it looks like shit when it’s up, which is infrequently because trains, weather, and oh yeah it’s a fucking bedsheet usually leave it … Continue reading

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Dare Mighty Things

Photo credit: myscienceacademy Earlier today, I posted on Facebook that I was more entertained by NASA scientists reacting to Curiosity’s landing on Mars than I was by any Olympian winning their event. Photo credit: NY Times. The below video about … Continue reading

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The Idiot’s Crusade

Yesterday I said that I was disappointed that the rain that started in the middle of the night didn’t continue past noon. I was disappointed about that yesterday, although not as disappointed as I was around 11:30pm when I realized … Continue reading

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At this time last year, I’d wake up to thunder and lightning in the middle of the night and feel my butthole clench because I knew the tornado sirens weren’t too far off; I’d think “god fucking dammit not again” … Continue reading

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Agent E

I’m no paranoiac, but I think I might be secretly working for an MIB-level government agency where all tasks and other alleged business-related duties are actually complex tests of human psychology, stamina, and ability to cope with illogically stressful situations. … Continue reading

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