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LeVar Fucking Burton

Instead of watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics, I ran a few miles while watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and wondering how on earth I ever thought “huh, Renee Zellweger was kind of big in this.” Granted she’s probably … Continue reading

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This is BeeBee: BeeBee is a cat that hangs around our backyard. Well, that hanged around our backyard, because I haven’t seen him for a week and it’s odd for him not to show up at least once every couple … Continue reading

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I had my second-to-last appointment for my ¾ sleeve last night. I’d take a photo, but the bulk of what was done is on my shoulder, and it’s that dragging, wide needle grouping stuff that hurts like a bad sunburn, … Continue reading

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Transfusing the Stone

If my hit tracker and site stats are to be believed, I get the most views if I post something topical around 5pm on a weekday. The thing is, I can’t always get excited about something topical, and lately I’ve … Continue reading

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The Gateway Meat

We set a date. While I’ve made no secret of our Seattle plans and I make sure that my Internet stuff is under a different name than my work stuff, I’m choosing not to publish the actual date here. If … Continue reading

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An Immodest Proposal

My friend Joe posted this on Facebook today. Joe is a bartender, by the way, an extraordinary one, and I am a slightly better bartender than him only because I have boobs. If Joe had boobs, forget it. We’d all … Continue reading

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What Do You Want to Be Today?

“Write drunk. Edit sober.” – Ernest Hemingway Jess linked this on Facebook the other day. I’d already heard about Cat Marnell via outlets like Gawker, coketalk, and pretty much the whole rest of the Internet, mostly about what a shame … Continue reading

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