South Side SVU

We ended up going to the midnight screening of The Shining last night, which means we got home sometime around 3am. It’s one of my favorite movies but it’s still long and I don’t usually stay up that late, so I dozed off a couple of times during Jack’s breakdown. I did wake up in time to see everything after Lloyd the Bartender, though, who’s only the best character in the whole film. Aside from the Overlook itself, that is, because the hotel is a complete character all on its own.

I went to bed immediately after getting home, but Graham – whose schedule dictates that he stay up all night, also because he fell asleep on the couch yesterday while I watched season one of Girls which I’ll write about later this week – stayed awake. He woke me up around 3:30 to tell me that the house across the street was getting raided again.

Okay, so I’m not sure if it’s ever been raided before. I’m asleep at night and at work during the day, but since Graham works nights and is home during the day, he sees it when cops keep showing up at this house, or when, like last night, several cops with guns drawn plus cars plus an ambulance are there. I don’t feel like asking my other neighbors about this house (especially not Larry since I’m still mad at him about the tree), so as a precautionary measure, I searched around our address on the Missouri state sex offender registry.

No sex offenders, thank god. Well, no sex offenders in that house or on our street. We have three other sex offenders within 1000 feet of our house, though, including one who works at Fitness 19 on South Kingshighway (STOP GOING TO FITNESS 19, EVERYONE), one who lives just across Delor from there and is non-compliant (meaning he doesn’t check in so where the fuck is this guy), and one who lives just two blocks over and was charged with three counts of molestation and one count of sodomy against a 12-year-old girl.

While I urge everyone to see what their neighbors could be up to, I should warn you that the sex offender registry site is a black hole of ickiness. Of course, finding out about it online is far better than finding out about it in person, especially if you live on the 4200 block of Neosho, where there are 4 offenders registered at the addresses between 4248 and 4252. So, you know, try not to live there. If you already do, good luck selling your house.

I still have no idea what’s going on across the street from us. It’s actually across the street and two houses down. But anyway, I never see those neighbors and the cops are there a lot, and I’m really hoping that nobody finds any bodies in the crawlspace.

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