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Hide Yo Grandmas, Hide Yo Thermostats

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare today, and instead of going into what’s constitutional and what’s not – because a) I’m already exhausted and b) if you don’t know what’s constitutional then you’re a fucking idiot and I’ve probably already deleted … Continue reading

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Look Robin Look

When we first moved into this house, we signed up for a cable/Internet/home phone package that included premium channels because Charter is a maelstrom of bullshit that makes no fucking sense and only makes packages cheaper if they include HBO … Continue reading

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South Side SVU

We ended up going to the midnight screening of The Shining last night, which means we got home sometime around 3am. It’s one of my favorite movies but it’s still long and I don’t usually stay up that late, so … Continue reading

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The Last Pine Tree

Oh god. The tree is down. The huge pine tree that provided so much green and shade and a welcoming canopy when walking up the steps to our house is gone. I can’t believe how sad I am that it’s … Continue reading

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Goddammit, Larry

You know what this is? This is bullshit. This is garbage. That’s what it is. Our next door neighbors are planning to rip out the huge pine tree in the front of the house. It’s technically on their property but … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Birth Control

I’m not having kids for the usual reasons. First there’s the cost to me, which is supposedly something like a million dollars before the kid reaches the age of eighteen. Then there’s the cost to taxpayers, because in addition to … Continue reading

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The Liberty of Not Caring

A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me the name of someone who doesn’t like me. My friend wasn’t trying to hurt me and it came up completely organically, and really, once the subject was mentioned, I’m the one … Continue reading

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By now, pretty much everyone has seen that TIME Magazine cover about attachment parenting, where that model-skinny mom is standing there with her breast hanging out. It’s hanging out because there’s a child attached to it. Not a baby. A … Continue reading

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Not All Who Read Need a Guide

I’ve noticed that in a lot of the books I’ve purchased recently – I’d say the majority published after 2009, at least – the end of the book is not really the end. After the end of the book, there’s … Continue reading

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The Popularity of Deadbeats

A lot of people are deadbeats. I don’t mean just in the legal sense like they don’t take care of their kids or pay what the government says they have to pay, I mean that in general, a lot of … Continue reading

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