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New rule of the Internet, everybody! If you’re over 18, employed, childless, not in school, and living with your parents, then you are not allowed to complain about money on Facebook. Especially if you’re posting photos of your new tattoo, … Continue reading

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Shotguns, Booze, and Cats With Opposable Thumbs

Have you ever been at the liquor store, checked the time, and thought “whoa, I better hurry up buying this booze or I’ll miss my deadline!” No? Really? Okay, so it’s just me and Hemingway, then. Smaller companion pieces cause … Continue reading

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It’s Okay If You Don’t Like Dick

If you’ve been reading this for any considerable length of time, you’ll know that while I typically don’t make or post New Year’s resolutions, one year – and I can’t even remember what year it was, though possibly it was … Continue reading

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Pod People

See what had happened was, I promised not to blog about my cat anymore and then I did nothing all weekend but take care of my cat. Only once did I change into real clothes, and then as soon as … Continue reading

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Toof Hurty

The Cat is home after today’s oral surgery. The mouth thing that later became a broken tooth was diagnosed as a traumatically-avulsed canine, which I find weird because I don’t think we should be referring to cat teeth as canines. … Continue reading

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Superior Fangs

UPDATE ON THE CAT: While The Cat was not choking or having a seizure and eventually began behaving normally in the mouth area, it turns out that he did injure himself on a tiny piece of chicken with no bones … Continue reading

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Hail Mary

Like PointFest did sometime in the early 2000’s, Coachella has become too big for itself and started to require more than one festival per year. The main festival (the real one, because I’m old and grumpy like that) happens in … Continue reading

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