Leave the Farm, Save the World

It’s my belief that in addition to sick days, vacation days, and corporate holidays (if your boss isn’t a dick who makes you work, I mean), everyone should get four weather days to stay home from work. Two bad weather days for when the office isn’t closed but you’d really rather not leave your bed to trudge to work in the freezing rain, and two good weather days, like today, when it’s mid-March and 80 degrees and no reasonable person can sit in an office for nine hours without wanting to cry. I would have taken a good weather day today. I just got home from a walk, the windows are open, the fans are on, and if nothing else, at least the smell of living inside for several months is airing out.

Also airing out is the dinner I cooked last night, which, while delicious, smelled strongly of Gruyere and Parmesan, and although it was perfect for eating while watching The Walking Dead, was not what I wanted in my nose when I got home from work today.

YOU GUYS, THE WALKING DEAD. While no one didn’t see that coming, I was pleased with the pacing (40 minutes gone before I knew it) and the wide frame of the scene with Rick and Shane in the field (like a graphic novel, oh wait). Also, it helped me work out what’s probably going on, and I think I have a good idea of what happens next Sunday during the season finale.

What’s Probably Going On: The zombie infection is a virus, and in the case of a virus, there are those who are infected and those who are carriers. Everyone alive is a carrier. Everyone who is a walker is infected. The carriers show no symptoms of the virus while alive, as their immune system is able to keep infection at bay. When they die, though, the immune system goes quiet and the virus reanimates the tissue. This would explain Randall reanimating after Shane broke his neck with no visible bites, as well as Shane reanimating after Rick stabbed him to death. The spread of the virus has nothing to do with scratches like they said a couple of episodes ago, but this is a reasonable hypothesis for people who have no idea what they have inside of them.

What’s Going To Happen: Siege. The house will be attacked by that horde of walkers. Everyone will be forced into the basement and some will escape. Glenn will be one of them because he has the keys to Dale’s RV, and Maggie will be one, too, because Herschel will either sacrifice himself to save her (possibly after his other daughter and Otis’ wife die?), or choose to stay and go down swinging, full of regret for thinking there was a cure and refusing the leave the farm where he lost his wife. I kind of think (not hope) that T-Dogg will die, too, but only because he’s black and they never give him any lines. A lot of people I know hate Lori but I don’t mind her, although if she dies, it probably won’t be until season three and will probably involve the baby. I know the books have Lori and the baby getting squashed by a tank, but the series has already gone way off track and it’s more emotional for them to die in childbirth (or maybe the baby dies in the womb and chews its way out, won’t that be fun?!). Carl will live because they’ve already killed off one kid, I’m not sure about Carol but I think she and Darryl have some more ground to cover, and Andrea just needs to get her head ripped off. By a walker or a human, I don’t care. Her smug fucking face and weak-ass swagger have been pissing me off all season.

I’m excited to see who the General (per Talking Dead) or the Governor (per the book) will be in season 3, and I think the origin of the virus will be explained and some sinister shit is about to go down. I seriously want to know where Merle is in all this, because obviously that racist fuck is still out there waving his stump in a Heil salute.

Oh, man. I gave myself heartburn watching last night’s episode (also there was cheese, it was probably mostly the cheese). I am so excited for the finale, and knowing that I have to wait until next fall for season three just kills me.

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4 Responses to Leave the Farm, Save the World

  1. tina says:

    So glad I am not the only one that wishes Andrea would just die all ready. It should have been here in that field instead of Dale. She seriously gets on my last nerve. I would have rather seen her than Shane die. All though by this paint Shane was kind of painting himself into a corner he wasn’t getting out of alive. I think your theory on the virus is probably correct.

    • tina says:

      ok I meant to say by this POINT. You can tell I haven’t had my morning caffeine to wake up my brain yet.

      • erineph says:

        My main problem with Andrea is that she disagrees with everyone without any real conviction. It’s like she’s being a contrarian for the sole purpose of Shane’s dick.

        • tina says:

          Well Shane isn’t there anymore and with Dale’s death, I am wondering if that’s going to change her attitude at all. I hope so. They either have to change her or get rid of her. It only takes one annoying female on a show for me to want to change the channel. Fortunately they don’t show her too much. I wanted so much to love the new show Alcatraz but the actress in the lead role is so bad that I couldn’t stand watching it.

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