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Until last year, I was proud to say that I had never been on a farm. Aside from a brief and uninformed interest in being a farmer when I was 4, farming didn’t interest me. You had to wake up … Continue reading

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Nerds On Wheels

When season two of The Walking Dead premiered, we were kind of excited about Hell On Wheels, another AMC series about the building of the railroads in the West after the Civil War. Common was in it, and so was … Continue reading

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Still Here

Twelve hours of sleep is a hell of a drug. I know there’s such a thing as sleeping too much; while the five hours a night I usually get isn’t enough, anything over nine hours puts me in the position … Continue reading

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Happy Hour With Spooky Mulder

If this was 5 to 7 years ago, going to a happy hour after work would have meant stumbling home sometime around midnight too drunk to brush my teeth or take off my bra before bed. These days, going to … Continue reading

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One Does Not Simply Find the Airport

It took me a whole day, but I finally found an airport on Mapcrunch! Sometimes I forget that everyone I know isn’t on Tumblr, so if you’re unaware, Mapcrunch generates a random Google street view from pretty much anywhere. To … Continue reading

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Your Birthday Party Sucks Balls

We did it! Stephanie and I registered for the Zombie Apocalypse 5K! We’re running in the 9:30am wave because it’s hot as balls in August and, as she pointed out, the 9am first wave time might be difficult if there’s … Continue reading

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When it comes to celebrity news, I tend to wait until the initial impact has faded a bit. I like to wait until cable news anchors stop trying to surprise people on the street, because even though I’d like to … Continue reading

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What’s Green and Eats Nuts?

Syphilis. Happy VD, everyone! A few years ago, someone asked me if I wanted to be a dominatrix. This someone had been working in the field for awhile and thought I’d be good at it, and if I wanted, she’d … Continue reading

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Important Pop Culture Things

Important Pop Culture Thing #1: According to Dan Aykroyd, Ghostbusters 3 cannot possibly be made without Rick Moranis’ involvement, but Bill Murray can be recast if he chooses not to participate. I have a few problems with this, one being … Continue reading

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This Will Haunt My Dreams

Like anyone who grew up with cheesy horror movies in the ‘80s, I have a mild fear of clowns, dolls, and puppets. Maybe “fear” is an extreme word, so instead, let’s just go with “creeps.” I get the creeps when … Continue reading

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