Why Do Women Have Periods? Because They Deserve Them.

Angelica is having a Girls Night next month. I said no to the last one because it originally involved sitting around the house in your bridal/bridesmaid dress, an activity that ranks somewhere between using the spelling “womyn” and getting a Pap smear from a male doctor who cares way too much about female health to just get it over with on the scale of desirable female-centric things to do. The ridiculous dress code was vetoed as a theme at the last minute, so I went over there and drank a bottle of wine.

There is no dress code this time (THAT I KNOW OF), so I have no qualms about attending, nor will I sit around with my other curmudgeonly friends and say “You could not get me to go to that thing even if you paid for my alcohol.” I don’t really know what’s involved, though, save for other people who own vaginas and, the invite says, sangria. It’s not as if I won’t know anyone there; the majority of people who have been invited are either good friends or friendly acquaintances of mine, which is why it’s dumb that I feel awkward about the concept of a girls night.

I’m not very girlish. Sangria is too sweet for me, I always curse more than anyone else there, and I’m more willing to make a joke about my period than talk about buying makeup in a department store. Aside from the 1:00 mark, I am not like this at all:

Obviously this entire subject was an excuse to post these videos.


The Walk, Mayer Hawthorne
Cherub Rock, Smashing Pumpkins
Blood on the Deck, Thee Oh Sees
Little Black Submarines, The Black Keys
Sweet Sour, Band of Skulls
Honky-Tonk, The Black Belles
Light It Up, Blood Red Shoes
Down River, The Temper Trap
So Vain, Bearkat
First Orgasm, The Dresden Dolls
Lights On, The Pierces
How Come You Never Go There?, Feist
This Is Not a Song, Islands
Ho Hey (Daytrotter Session), The Lumineers
Tuck the Darkness In, Bowerbirds
So Low She Rose, Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss
The Tracks of My Tears, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Excuse Me While I Drink Myself To Death, Spent
The Way We Get By, Spoon
Waiting For a War, The Morning Benders
What Can I Do?, The Rosebuds
Auctioneer, The Broken West
On My Way Back Home, Band of Horses
/=/=/, Andrew Bird

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  1. tina says:

    You definitely speak my language Erin. haha I am not a girly girl either. I have never even drank Sangria and I have absolutely no problem cracking jokes about myself even when it comes to my period. I have never been truly comfortable with the whole girls night thing. I do better with one on one friend hanging time than a whole gaggle of girls chattering away.

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