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A Decent Year

Like everyone else on the Internet, I am officially recognizing that today is the last day of 2011. Well. Unless you’re one of my Australian readers, in which case you’re already in the future. What’s the future like, you guys? … Continue reading

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Fear the Jackassery

It’s not my job that’s the problem. The job itself is fine. It’s easy, even. If everyone with the same job contributes the same amount, the job is actually a pleasure. The problem is that most people don’t contribute, and … Continue reading

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They Work At Starbucks

Graham texted me earlier to tell me about how his mother thought his new hat made him look like a hipster. Which is pretty funny, actually. Funny and untrue, I think Graham would want me to add, and considering how … Continue reading

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Mexican Marching Syrup

My feelings towards my job are such that upon waking on a workday, this tense feeling of resentment creeps into my shoulders and holds them in lock for the rest of the day. This feeling was multiplied by tens this … Continue reading

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How to Kilmer the Internet

My sister recently joined Facebook. It seems impossible that anyone under the age of 70 is just recently joining Facebook, but they only just got the Internet at my mom’s house. Well, we had it when I was in high … Continue reading

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2011: A Year in Music

Recently, the Seattle Mikes posted their 10 Best Albums of 2011. Well. Technically I guess it started as a Baker’s Dozen of 2011, but Mike 1 (because I knew him first and like him best) was overwhelmed by the number. … Continue reading

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Survival Skills

Man, the liquor store was crazy today. Just because I love what I said and hope that someone will one day use that opening line against me, I’ll say it again, this time with feeling: Man, the liquor store was … Continue reading

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Tommy and Gina Went to Couples Counseling But Got Divorced Anyway

Jon Bon Jovi was dead for a little while yesterday. Twitter said so. It turns out he wasn’t actually dead. He was very much alive, and very much still in New Jersey (which is kind of like being dead, but … Continue reading

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Why Do Women Have Periods? Because They Deserve Them.

Angelica is having a Girls Night next month. I said no to the last one because it originally involved sitting around the house in your bridal/bridesmaid dress, an activity that ranks somewhere between using the spelling “womyn” and getting a … Continue reading

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Rejecting the Dialogue

Am I in trouble if I tell everyone that I don’t like Community? I know it’s supposed to be hilarious and all the kids like it and there was an uproar when it didn’t get renewed, but really? I think … Continue reading

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