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In My So-Called Life, Angela Chase says, “there’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself.” Which is true. Sunday night should be about dinner and relaxation and The Walking Dead, but mostly it’s about dreading … Continue reading

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Too Dead For Love

Yesterday was the first day of me avoiding as many non-online retail outlets as possible until next year. Being in public is fraught with a certain amount of discomfort for me, so being in public during the holiday shopping season … Continue reading

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You Probably Have Something Better To Do

If you’re reading this on Thanksgiving, then it’s likely that you’re ignoring something very important right now (cleaning, cooking, drinking) and because I don’t want to be blamed for your lack of foresight and/or productivity, I strongly urge you to … Continue reading

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Hey, Thanksgiving

I thought I was being clever. I thought that if I went to the grocery store immediately after getting off work at 3:30pm on a Tuesday, it wouldn’t be too crowded. I thought. What I did not think was that … Continue reading

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Nerd Sick

Graham and I went to the mall yesterday so that Katie could tell me where to buy boots. I don’t ever go to the mall so I never know what’s there or how to find it, and she works at … Continue reading

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Responsibilities of a Trophy Wife

I went to a happy hour on Friday for a work friend who got a much better job in Minneapolis. While I find it dubious that anyone moves to Minnesota for any reason that is not the DUI-mandated coaching of … Continue reading

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The Real Captain America

(I should resume mildly funny blogging any time now. Really. I know I haven’t made any dick or fart jokes for awhile, and for this I am very sorry.) Let me be clear: not all cops are bad people. I … Continue reading

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Locate Ass, Remove Stick

The other day, I found this on Tumblr. Apparently, all of the women who’d loved and idolized Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill now hate her because she is, among other things, an “asshole” and “trans-misogynistic,” and the fact that she … Continue reading

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Stretched Out

Hooray, our tickets are booked for Seattle! One of us gets to sit in a middle seat next a morbidly obese person/recently arrived Eastern European immigrant/crying baby, but the other gets an aisle seat for each leg of the trip. … Continue reading

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Are You Zoroaster Now?

A woman in my office became a grandmother on Friday. Except for that time she said she knew I lived in a bad neighborhood due to the high concentration of black people, she’s okay. Well. She does wear Sturgis t-shirts … Continue reading

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