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Bella Uova

Oh balls. I guess New Orleans for Halloween is out. This was supposed to be a drinking holiday for The Little Corner of Moron, but 1/3 of us has to parent (apparently little kids like Halloween and parents take pictures, … Continue reading

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The Sunny Side of the Street Is a Great Place to Get Skin Cancer

My father used to call our television “the idiot box.” Maybe that should be capitalized. The Idiot Box. Yes, that’s better. He used to call our television The Idiot Box because we would rather watch Saved By the Bell on … Continue reading

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A Lot Cooler If You Did

While at work yesterday, I called a client to ask for clarification on a product code he’d typed into an e-mail. He’d typed too many numbers and apologized by saying “I guess I really fat-fingered that one.” “No worries,” I … Continue reading

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Hot Shit

There are about two minutes where I feel like hot shit after I’ve written something. Sometimes those two minutes begin once I click on “Send” and get the piece to my editor. Sometimes those two minutes begin once I’ve skimmed … Continue reading

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You Keep Using That Word

I met my sister for some beers last night. Her friend is the bartender, so my sister, her friend, and some other people they know go to this bar frequently. When I arrived, my sister was talking to some guy … Continue reading

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My parents are not on the Internet. Jealous? It’s pretty great. My mother created a Facebook for work and did absolutely nothing before she abandoned it, and my father just figured out about Google maybe two years ago. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Out There

A friend of mine is a park ranger. That’s easily one of the Top 5 Coolest Jobs I Can Think Of, and I’m not even an outdoorsy person. The middle of the country isn’t good for much besides Republicanism and … Continue reading

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