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Inherent Value

If you’re really lucky, you’ve never had a job that required you to deal with the public. You’ve spent your entire working life in the company of your co-workers or maybe just yourself, and not once have you ever had … Continue reading

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Eat Shit

Graham’s medically-ordered couch-boundness prevents him from working until next Friday. It also prevents him from LouFest (but that guy from Indiana showed up to buy my tickets, hooray!) and the International Festival (dear Meskerem, please to begin delivering doro wat … Continue reading

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This Stupid Look

I’m selling my LouFest tickets. This is a real shame, as I’d purchased at least one of them for Graham’s birthday (he wanted to see The Roots, I wanted to see The Hold Steady) and was really excited to go. … Continue reading

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Mildew Hell Basement

That’s what you should be saying, property owners. Don’t call the basement “storage space” or the friendlier-but-even-more-misleading “nothing much to look at.” Your basements are neither of these things. If I can’t get more than three steps down the basement … Continue reading

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Once There Was a Tranny Dominatrix

Cheaters is still on TV. I fucking love Cheaters. It’s one of those shows I know I shouldn’t love but I do, like COPS, Full House, and (rarely, and only when I am at least moderately drunk) Dog the Bounty … Continue reading

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I’m not able to go into details yet, but the past 36 hours have been spent going back and forth between Urgent Care, the emergency room, the Walgreens pharmacy and first aid aisles, and the grocery store to locate the … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Apologize for Basically My Whole Life

Sooooo…the other day I wrote about scrambled eggs. Not only did I write about them, but I included a pretentious title, too. I wrote about scrambled eggs because my plans to write about something else fell through, and there is … Continue reading

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